EVOX: Eastvantage’s Secure Timekeeping and Integrated Platform for Working from Home

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Eastvantage Operational Excellence, also known as EVOX, is the online employee and team management tool for Eastvantage, a leading outsourcing solutions provider based in Manila, Philippines. EVOX was developed as a means to empower EV employees by letting them take control of their work-life through a simple, integrated platform. This internally-developed, cloud-based system facilitates self-direction and two-way communication for associates and managers alike.

Accessible online via evox.eastvantage.com, the employee portal gives ease of access for employees in different aspects.

Accurate timekeeping 

Managing schedules and attendance, employees have their own dashboard where they can clock in and clock out for their workday. They also have the ability to view their time logs for the previous months since their employment.

Facilitates payroll 

It seeks to eliminate disputes on schedule, log-ins and outs, overtimes / undertimes, and more by facilitating a systematic and automated process. This results in more accurate timekeeping that in turn translates into you receiving the correct salary each payout.

Internal communication channel 

Employees never miss out on any important announcements within the workplace and get to know different venues wherein they can get involved in professional and social activities.

Workplace tools

Employees can book meeting rooms, send employee referrals to recruitment, browse and book e-learning courses, data privacy information, they’re all here in EVOX.

Integrated Platform for Working from Home

EVOX has been live for two years, used daily by Eastvantage employees, and continuously improved by Eastvantage developers. However, the employee portal’s importance and impact has been immensely felt when the employees started working from home in March of this year.

Being 100% operational in the midst of the pandemic, the online biometrics has been the go-to tracking system for employees’ daily logs and attendance. The global shift to working remotely has accelerated the necessity for highly secure, off-premise systems access to ensure the same level of security as that of an in-office environment. EVOX provides this advanced digital tools and technology for remote employee monitoring.

This is just one of the ways how Eastvantage continues to achieve and exceed the goal of providing optimum service and maintain high operational excellence.