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Problem / Challenge

One of the largest Odoo implementation companies in Europe was facing challenges in coping with the demand for their end-to-end services. The were involved in the full implementation process with three high-level stages as follows:

Stage 1: Discovery and Conceptualization.This is where the needs, objectives, and processes are determined and agreed on by our client and their customer.

Stage 2: Implementation Proper.This is where the Odoo software installation and configuration is done. This stage may also include actual design, data migration, system testing, and end-user training, depending on the scope of work between our client and their customer.

Stage 3: Support.This comes after the developed Odoo system is deployed, and is where our client provides regular system updates, troubleshooting services, and helpdesk service to ensure their customer gets the most of their Odoo investment.

Our client’s commitment to their customers is a personalized approach, professional advice, and dedicated service throughout the implementation process. However, the volume of work was such that it was getting difficult to stay true to that commitment for all the stages. Thus, they sought a partner who can help them maintain the delivery of exceptional services to their customers throughout the process.


After strategy consultation meetings, it was decided that the client will collaborate with the Eastvantage Software Development team for some functions in each of the implementation process stages for their Odoo implementation projects. The responsibilities delegated to the Eastvantage Odoo experts are dependent on the project size and their specific domain expertise. The partnership with Eastvantage encompasses:

  • Resource Augmentation: Eastvantage provides the client with the services of Odoo implementation experts who have diverse industry experience. This ensures they can easily adapt to varying client environments and contribute effectively to the implementation process.
  • Seamless Integration: Eastvantage will ensure that assigned Odoo developers are seamlessly integrated into client project teams, so they can harmoniously leverage collective expertise to deliver successful implementations.
  • Custom Development: Eastvantage designs and deploys customized modules integrated seamlessly with Odoo to address specific challenges of our client’s customers are properly addressed.

The Eastvantage Odoo team has been reinforcing our client’s Odoo implementation capabilities and has helped our client achieve desired outcomes for their customers from different industries. Actual projects that involved the Eastvantage Odoo implementation team were as follows:

Project 1: Streamlining Warehouse Management

A Belgian warehouse management company was faced with challenges related to sub-unit rentals, maintenance scheduling, power/resource allocation, and fragmented financial reporting. To grow their business and improve efficiency, they needed to consolidate their operations, simplify processes, and digitize their systems. The Eastvantage Odoo experts were able to help streamline warehouse management by developing modules aimed at:

    • Optimizing rentals: Efficiently renting out warehouse space as single units or sub-units.
    • Managing maintenance: Implementing a comprehensive schedule for maintaining each warehouse unit.
    • Enhancing financial visibility: Generating consolidated profit and loss (P&L) reports and maintenance reports.
    • Integration: Integrating accounting software, SharePoint, and modifying the Odoo spreadsheet module for improved functionality.
    • Ensuring scalability: Designing a flexible system capable of handling multiple buildings and units within a site.
    • Data Management: Establishing a structured data management system to track tenant information, contracts, maintenance records, and financial data.

Project 2: Ecommerce Platform Customizations

A furniture manufacturer sought to leverage the ecommerce model to enhance their online presence and streamline their business operations. The solution was to build their website in Odoo with the integration of back-office functions for a comprehensive and efficient business solution. While Odoo provided a default module for ecommerce, specific adjustments were necessary to align the platform with the company’s requirements. By collaborating with Eastvantage, the following customizations were successfully implemented:

    • Sales and Purchase Models: Customized sales and purchase models streamlined order management and procurement workflows to align with the company’s unique product offerings and sales processes.
    • Accounting: Customized accounting modules ensured accurate financial tracking, including inventory valuation, revenue recognition, and tailored financial reporting for the company’s ecommerce operations.
    • Procurement: A customized procurement system optimized inventory management and supplier relationships, incorporating automated reordering, vendor performance tracking, and inventory forecasting.
    • Shipping: Custom shipping modules were integrated to ensure efficient order fulfillment, shipment tracking, and delivery of the company’s furniture products.
    • Helpdesk Support: An integrated helpdesk system enhanced customer support, streamlined communication, and efficient ticket management, ensuring a positive customer experience with prompt query resolution.

Project 3: Enhanced Warehouse & Inventory Management through Integrations

A company specializing in warehouse and inventory management aimed to improve their operations by implementing an efficient inventory tracking system. They sought to utilize Odoo’s comprehensive inventory module, integrate it with Lift (cloud-based software system that provides a single integrated platform to run different aspects of a print business), and enable multi-site warehouse management to address challenges related to manual tracking, fragmented systems, and inefficient coordination between warehouses. To address the challenges and meet the objectives, the Eastvantage Odoo experts collaborated with our client’s team to implement the following solutions:

    • Odoo Inventory Module Development: A dedicated inventory module was developed to centralize inventory management and streamline processes. This module allowed for real-time inventory tracking, automated stock updates, and efficient order fulfillment.
    • Integration with Lift: The inventory module was seamlessly integrated with Lift which enabled efficient coordination between inventory management and transportation logistics, optimizing order fulfillment and delivery.
    • Multisite Warehouse Management: The implemented solution provided capabilities for managing multiple warehouses across different sites. This included centralized inventory control, stock transfers, and seamless coordination between warehouses for improved inventory accuracy and efficient operations.

Project 4: Optimizing Financial Management through Integrations

A manufacturing company aimed to overcome limitations in their existing in-house financial module by developing an integrated financial module. The objective was to streamline workflows, approvals, business plans, financial reporting, and payment integrations with financial institutions. The challenge involved integrating accounting systems with another module to establish a comprehensive financial management system and overcome fragmented processes and inefficient workflows. To address the challenges, the Eastvantage Odoo experts collaborated with our client’s team to implement the following solutions:

    • Integrated Odoo Financial Module Development: Developed an integrated financial module that combined functionalities, integrations, and workflows for seamless information flow.
    • Workflow Streamlining and Approvals: The module included streamlined workflows and approvals, ensuring efficient financial transactions, expense approvals, and budget management.
    • Business Planning: The module incorporated features for comprehensive business plans, including financial forecasting, budgeting, and variance analysis.
    • Financial Reporting: The integrated module enabled the generation of detailed financial reports, supporting informed decision-making and strategic financial planning.
    • Payment Integrations: The company successfully integrated the module with financial institutions, ensuring efficient payment processing and compliance with seamless connectivity to banks and corporate tax systems.


By partnering with Eastvantage, the client is now able to:

  • reinforce their implementation capabilities with a pool of expert Odoo developers;
  • offer holistic and client centric Odoo solutions with developers who are experienced in their customers’ industries, including Retail, Logistics, Ecommerce, and many others;
  • focus on the highly critical client-facing tasks within the Odoo implementation process such as creating an implementation plan and securing the acceptance of decision makers and affected teams on the process changes; and
  • improve efficiencies while reducing operational costs.

The Eastvantage portfolio of Odoo implementation successes in collaboration with our client’s team is expected to continue and grow with the mutually-beneficial partnership.

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