Top Global Online Hobby Store Increases Client Loyalty and Brand Advocacy Through a High-Performing Customer Support Team


Due to the increasing popularity of drones and a shift in buyer preference to shop online, a global, Radio Control E-tailer experienced dramatic growth over the last decade. With increased sales, the volume of incoming queries and support issues from new and existing customers became a problem for their in-house service teams to handle. The company needed to meet their customers’ service expectations and wanted to expand their availability of support to be 24/7.

Growing the client’s in-house team wasn’t an option because it would not have been cost-effective.  Further, the time and complexity of setting up a dedicated customer support team would take away resources that the client wanted to spend on business development efforts.


After a discovery meeting with the client, Eastvantage agreed it would build a customized service support team providing chat, voice, and email support to the client’s customer base.

Our team was able to onboard, train, and ramp-up operations of a dedicated team in less than a month. Individual leads were hired to manage specialists in quality assurance (QA), product support, payment, and training.

Eastvantage used its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) expertise to ensure improved customer service. We re-engineered customer support processes in the following areas;

  • Customer notifications
  • Refunds
  • Order shipping

Once these processes were set and implemented, the team members were trained on several efficient, cloud-based tools:

  • Live2Support
  • Zendesk
  • Comm100
  • Magento

Within three weeks, the Eastvantage team was able to handle the entire customer support function for our client on a 24/7 basis. This team is scalable up or down to meet company requirements.

Today, the team handles 23,000 queries per day via chat, email and phone. Chat is particularly cost effective, as our representatives are able to support up to four concurrent chats.

Areas of support include:

  • General inquiries
  • Returns
  • New product assistance
  • Product testing
  • Reviews
  • Order management
  • Shipping & logistics
  • Payment processing


Within eighteen months, Eastvantage was providing services of 136 full-time employees to our client. Team performance is excellent and monitored with client satisfaction (CSAT) surveys.  Our CSAT is 91% for chat support and 87% for ticket handling. With highly satisfied customers, the company has been able to enhance customer loyalty and brand advocacy, which translates into increased bottom line.

By offloading the complexities of team set up and operations, our client is able to focus on upgrading their products portfolio, marketing strategies, and expansion plans. 

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