San Francisco Concierge Startup Grows From Infancy to Maturity With Inspired Outsourcing

Problem / Challenge

The client is a San Francisco-based start-up offering on-demand 24/7 personal and business concierge services globally. About a year after it was established, they experienced a surge in business volume and found themselves in need of help to efficiently handle customer concerns. They sought assistance in establishing a formal support center that could provide core customer service functions within set standards.


Eastvantage helped the client build its frontline team for concierge services, business development, and voice support. The team comprised of virtual assistants provide text/chat support for inbound inquiries and outbound voice support. Team members may be dedicated to specific customers, while some may be shared, depending on the number of hours committed to customers.

Eastvantage also assisted in setting up the client’s local internal teams for recruitment, HR, and accounting. All team members were onboarded as full-time employees of Eastvantage and are hosted in a world-class office space.

The client wanted to retain control of their operations, and have assigned in-house resources to manage the team. The client was fully involved in the set-up and operations of the outsourced team, while the account management support, IT support, recruitment and HR support remained firmly in place for a successful partnership.

Eastvantage also provides the living and visa arrangements for the client’s American managers who are now working full-time in the Philippines.


By leveraging Eastvantage’s local knowledge and expertise, the client was able to more easily overcome the challenges of the early stage of the development of their business. The flexible and agile solution allowed them to onboard multiple lines of businesses (LOBs) through:

  • Faster Recruitment
  • IT equipment availability
  • Voice infrastructure setup
  • Campaign Management
  • Process Dashboard

In less than 18 months from engaging Eastvantage, the team grew from 20 to 200 full-time employees. Now in its 7th year of operations, the team is 353-strong. The company enjoys around USD1.08M savings a month, equivalent to 73%+ savings in operational costs of an offshore team versus operating onshore. More importantly, they found a reliable partner who provides a scalable solution that is adaptable to the growing needs of the company.

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