Real Estate Virtual Reality Platform Provider Easily Scales Through Inspired Outsourcing

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Problem / Challenge

The client has been offering an innovative technology-based real estate virtual reality platform that has been serving architects, engineers, and homeowners for almost a decade. With the positive feedback from clients, they are growing rapidly to become the market leader and needed to expand their team in order to cope with the demand. 

They began to tap the architectural talent in the Philippines. The sourced talents go through a two-month training process before being onboarded as freelancers. As the client did not have a legal entity in the country, they were looking for a partner who could provide HR and payroll support and training facilities during the training period. 


Eastvantage was able to quickly and seamlessly provide the required HR and payroll services and classroom set-up including equipment in the Philippines for the clients’ trainees. The client has been continuously doing two-month training for different batches of five to ten trainees each. The batch trainings are done simultaneously, thus, two or more batches may be doing training concurrently in different training rooms. 


By leveraging Eastvantage local presence and expertise, the client is able to conveniently pursue their expansion plans. In just nine months, they were able to train 84 architects in the Philippines, 76 of whom are now working for them as freelancers.

Because the client is very happy with the services of Eastvantage in the Philippines, they eventually requested for the same arrangement in Vietnam. Being highly-flexible, Eastvantage was able to provide the same services and facilities with a quick turnaround time in Ho Chi Minh City. Trainings are now simultaneously being facilitated in the two Southeast Asian countries and the arrangement is expected to continue in alignment with the client’s scaling requirements. 

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