Norwegian Digital Wayfinding Company Expands Asia-Pacific Market with a High-Performing Customer Support Team   

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Our Norwegian client offers an innovative digital wayfinding platform for large institutions such as universities, hospitals, offices, hotels, and event venues. Aside from wayfinding, they provide space booking and visualization tools, indoor positioning, IoT integrations and more.  

With the client’s growing presence in the Asia-Pacific landscape, they needed to expand their support capabilities within the region’s time zone. As it was expensive to augment their existing support teams in Norway, Australia, and Singapore to serve the purpose, they sought a more cost-effective solution and considered outsourcing to the Philippines. 


Eastvantage offered a fully managed service to address the needs of the client. Several meetings were held to establish the hiring criteria, such as skills and level of experience, as well as culture fit to ensure team members can effectively collaborate with the Norwegian, Australian, and Singaporean staff. Based on the client niche requirements, Eastvantage was able to onboard a team of Customer Success Managers with Project Management and JavaScript Application Programming Interface (JS API) expertise within 30 days. 
Eastvantage launched a comprehensive training initiative, starting with Foundations and Culture Training to deeply root the team in the client’s business landscape and cultural dynamics, including an understanding of customer nuances for both business ideologies and operations locations. This foundation was further built upon by the client’s specialists, who conducted an intensive one-month Product and Process Training. This phase detailed the client’s offerings, customer support protocols, and quality standards, along with specialized training in JIRA/Atlassian and proprietary SQL for data analytics. A pivotal part of the educational journey was the Train the Trainer program, designed to equip select team members to become internal trainers, ensuring knowledge sustainability and skill enhancement within the team. This streamlined approach not only elevated the team’s proficiency in delivering top-tier service but also ensured proficiency in critical technological tools, directly impacting operational effectiveness and customer satisfaction.  

Eastvantage also defined the performance metrics and success measures based on its operational excellence framework. These were discussed and agreed upon with the client. 

Currently, the team helps the client manage their relationship with their customers, fostering brand loyalty. The Customer Success Managers perform the following tasks: 

  • Manage project implementation, ensuring all milestones are achieved in a timely manner. 
  • Coordinate with key departments to ensure timely delivery of the client’s software as a service (SaaS) to both new and existing customers. 
  • Resolve queries through support tickets submitted by customers related to both technical and administrative aspects of the SaaS. 
  • Review tenders and contracts, ensuring company offerings/features are aligned with client requirements, and provide further clarification where necessary. 
  • Participate in internal meetings with the Customer Success Department to ensure continuous alignment with the processes. 
  • Support the Sales team in their endeavor to win customers by attending meetings with potential customer to provide assistance in demonstrating the client’s platform capabilities. 

Eastvantage handles overall team management, ensuring the team consistently delivers on the client’s expectations.  


The partnership with Eastvantage allowed the client to expand their APAC support capabilities cost-effectively. The Philippine team has helped improve brand loyalty and continuously performs at excellent levels, as demonstrated by the following: 

  • 100% handled volume   month on month  with zero client escalation 
  • 121.52% exceeding First Reply Time (FRT) target, at an average of 4.25 hrs. vs. target of 24 hrs. 

Outsourcing with Eastvantage also saves the client at least 37% in human resource costs per year. And, the solution being highly scalable, the client can expect sufficient support as they continue to expand in APAC, and eventually in Japan and China.  

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