Innovation Excellence Meets Operations Excellence With Successful Disruption of the US and EU Intimate Apparel Industry


After years of research and development, and thereafter a successful launch in Australia, the client was ready to introduce their unique line of sustainable, hi-tech, and comfortable women’s intimate apparel to the US and European markets. As they were not only introducing the brand but also a novel product, they still had to create awareness and educate their target consumers. This required an efficient support team to address any customer concerns.

Having no experience in handling customer support, the client began outsourcing this task to the Philippines. However, they encountered difficulties with the service level of their first provider. It was imperative for them to find an improved solution in order to maintain customer satisfaction.

They needed help in setting up a team and implementing a streamlined and efficient Customer Relationship Management (CRM) processes. Further, as they were only starting to grow, they were looking for a cost-effective and convenient solution with minimal disruption to their in-house operations.


Eastvantage was able to source experienced customer service representatives for the client within three weeks. Also, Eastvantage, along with the pioneer team of experts, established key performance indicators for the team’s CRM process..

The team set their own matrix, created dashboards that can be checked by the client for real-time productivity tracking, and started developing knowledge bases that could be passed on to new team members.


By leveraging Eastvantage’s CRM expertise, the client was able to have systematized monthly C-SAT Analysis, Quality Monitoring, and Feedback Mechanism in place, which helped:

  • reduce Average Resolution Time by 45%  (from 90 hrs to 49 hrs);
  • reduce in First Reply Time by 58% (from 74 hours to 31 hours); and
  • improve CSAT from 87% in 2020 to 96%.

Because the client entrusted their customer support to Eastvantage, they were able to focus on expanding their business to different geographies. They have disrupted not only the US and EU markets, but the 20+ billion-dollar global feminine hygiene industry.

As of mid-2021, the company has sold over four million pairs of underwear globally. From 2019 to 2021, the company gained a 929% revenue growth, and estimated $11 million revenue in 2021. They have also won numerous awards, among them as Top Innovator and as Best Personal Care Product.

As the client grew, their Eastvantage team also grew to meet their needs – from two full time employees in 2018 to 18 at present. Eastvantage is proud to be a part of the client’s exponential growth.

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