Global Staffing and IT Company Uses Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) to Meet the Demands of its Growing Market

case study recruitment process outsourcing rpo

The client is an award-winning global workforce solutions provider based in the USA. It offers staffing and IT services from its 16 locations and two international offices. Due to an upsurge in the hiring demands of its North America market, it needed to expand its recruitment team immediately and was looking at the Philippines as an offshore center for the purpose. This was because it wanted to tap the rich talent resources in the country and decided a local recruitment team doing the full recruitment process, from sourcing to assistance with onboarding, was the best direction strategically and economically.

The Requirement / The Challenge

The client’s specific objective was to have a dedicated team to support its North America market in administrative, engineering, scientific, and technology talent needs. However, the client does not have a legal entity and physical presence in the Philippines, and it would take months before it could establish such, considering it did not have anyone on the ground to facilitate the process. Thus, in order to meet its immediate requirements, it wanted to partner with a Philippine based outsourcing company that can assist in quickly building and subsequently managing a full service recruitment team. It required that the vendor be able to also work on ensuring the team’s performance such that all of its critical metrics will be improved..

The Solution

A Philippine 360 desk was built by Eastvantage for the client, starting with two full time recruiters who were employed and housed by Eastvantage. The 360 desk is a team of recruiters responsible for the full recruitment process in the hiring needs for business administration, engineering, life sciences, and information technology roles of the North America customers of the client. The recruiters serviced instrumentation, healthcare, and technology verticals and performed end to end recruitment encompassing these processes:

  • getting job requirements and profiles
  • sourcing from different channels
  • screening and submitting resumes
  • arranging interviews
  • sending offer
  • facilitation of contract signing
  • establishing client relationship
  • onboarding assistance

Relative to the client’s business growth, its 360 recruitment team in the Philippines has now grown to ten full time employees, with another two expected to join. Dashboards are in place to track daily productivity, and a dedicated Eastvantage Business Partner oversees the operations and monitors team performance.

Should the client push through with its plans of setting up its own business entity in the country, Eastvantage will assist with the process and will also see to the smooth transition of the team.  .

The Results

The team currently delivers: 65 calls per day, which is over and above the normal minimum target of 45 calls per day. Of this number, a recruiter is able to set interviews for five candidates, which, although may appear unimpressive at 8.33% conversion, is actually good performance, as the quality of applicants who are moved to the interview stage is high, thus reducing total time spent interviewing for the position. This is evident in the applicant to hire ratio of eight hires per 100 applicants (8%), which is double the recognized global average across all industries of four hires per 100 applicants (4%).

The steadfast fulfillment of the market’s requirements brought about customer satisfaction, which helped with the growth of the client’s internal business. with additional requirements from its North America market. As the client was freed from the recruitment task, it was also able to focus on securing new business, leveraging the good feedback from existing customers to increase market share.

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