European Advertising Company Remains Competitive With an Efficient Software Development Team

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Problem / Challenge

Our Belgian client has been providing advertising services including website development for their customers since 2000. In 2011, their cost for UX and UI design services were becoming too high in order for them to remain competitive. This was because software development and maintenance were widely in demand in their region, making talent scarce and costly. They were therefore looking for a more cost-effective solution.


After establishing the client’s resource requirements, Eastvantage sourced and recruited Software Developers for the client. The client was involved in the hiring process and a team was onboarded within 60 days. The team was then housed in the Eastvantage office that is designed to inspire a developer’s productivity.

Eastvantage continues to support the client as the legal employer of the client’s team members. It provides recruitment, HR, payroll, and IT services to the team. At present, the team provides development and maintenance of different softwares for our client’s customers.


By leveraging Eastvantage software development expertise and legal presence in the Philippines, the client is able to tap highly-efficient resources to fulfill their software development needs at 88% less cost than if they hired talent in Belgium. Because of this, the client is able to offer their UX and UI design and software maintenance services at more competitive rates.

For over a decade now, Eastvantage has been supporting the client in their software development and maintenance needs.

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