Digital Solutions Market Leader Reduces Costs by 64% With an Enterprise Resource Platform (ERP)

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Problem / Challenge

The client used multiple project and multi-client systems to deliver field services to end users and customers mostly in behalf of large telecom and digital original equipment manufacturer (OEM) companies.  

Because of the complexity of their systems, the company had to interact with many different vendors to keep their service processes up and running.  This led to a high cost of maintenance and caused concerns about data accuracy. Further, it led to miscommunications between departments which caused schedule delays and inefficiency in-field servicing. 

The client sought a more reliable digital platform to improve efficiency in all parts of the business. The end goal was to develop an in-house Enterprise Resource Platform (ERP) that could be centrally managed.  Of utmost concern was that the implementation would be delivered quickly with minimal disruption to day-to-day operations.


In order to implement the ERP Eastvantage implemented a tested, multi-phase approach consisting of the following:

  • conception and development (discovery and planning, design)
  • implementation (data migration, testing, deployment)
  • maintenance (support, post-launch updates)

During the conception and development phase the Eastvantage Operations Team gathered information about the existing systems as well as the current needs of each department. Using an agile methodology, this information was used to develop a project plan and overall system design.  

In order to promote speed-to-launch, the required job profiles for the project were simultaneously sourced, screened, hired, and housed by Eastvantage. From one full-time employee at the beginning of the project, the team quickly grew to 12 software developers. As the development began the entire software development role was transitioned from the original owners to the client’s own team at Eastvantage. Working hand in hand with the client’s Senior Software Development Manager, Eastvantage took ownership for building the team and  the smooth transition and operations management. 

During the implementation phase, Eastvantage developers began integrating the multiple systems into a unified ERP system.  Data from the legacy systems was also migrated into the new central system.

The team developed the ERP utilizing Odoo open-source tools.  This integrated suite of business modules allowed for smooth unification of the existing systems. Further, it enabled the company to quickly start with a set of modules while ensuring easy scaling as needed in the future. 

Eastvantage developers used the following languages/tools: 

  • OpenERP (now Odoo) – a suite of open source business apps
  • Python – an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language
  • PHP – widely-used open source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web
  • Javascript – text-based programming language used to make web pages interactive 
  • Coffeescript – programming language that compiles to JavaScript
  • PostgreSQL – open source object-relational database system
  • ReactJS – JavaScript library for building user interfaces

The result was an ERP that integrated the client’s HR flow, training and development, supply management, finance and accounting, manpower scheduling, and customer servicing tools. The new system also allowed for the booking of service appointments by end-users and the management of schedules and workflow by field service engineers.

As the product was delivered, our team moved to the final and ongoing maintenance phase of the project.

Today, the team is composed of over 100 members including software engineers, PHP, Python, Java, Odoo, web developers, and Power BI analysts. As the talent market for the required profiles has become increasingly competitive, Eastvantage has established an India office to attract and recruit more IT specialists. Starting with one QA Analyst in the last quarter of 2021, the India team is now a 30-strong mix of software developers and QA Analysts. It is expected to continue to grow as the client requirements increase.


Currently, Eastvantage is handling all maintenance of the ERP system and provides IT support to users. With this support the client who was servicing just Belgium, has now been able to expand to service 11 more European countries, making the client’s Odoo ERP system the largest field services platform in Europe. 

As always, the recruitment team is able to satisfy regular ramp up new demand even for challenging profiles in just months.  More importantly, the quality of these hires consistently satisfies the client standards at a leads to hire ratio (sieve ratio) of 4%.  

By entrusting the building of a team to conceptualize, develop, implement, and thereafter maintain and support an ERP system to Eastvantage, the company was able to leverage on the recruitment and project management expertise of the latter and the project was implemented within agreed timelines at minimal disruption to operations.

The continuous quality of service of the offshore teams in maintaining the ERP system yields  annual savings of 64% for the company. Aside from dramatically reduced IT spending, the uninterrupted operations support from the other side of the globe helps our client improve performance which naturally translates into more business and a better bottom line for the company.

Client Testimonial

“Through daily Slack calls, it feels like the Eastvantage team is an in-house team located on another floor in our building. Solutions30 would definitely recommend Eastvantage as an IT offshore solution. We contacted many other companies to compare their recruitment process, their involvement, and their pricing. Eastvantage proved to be the right choice.”

Sacha Vandewalle,

Software Development Manager

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