Award-winning UK IT Managed Services Provider Consistently Delivers Excellent Round-the-Clock Support 

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The client is an award-winning UK company providing IT managed services to mid-market and enterprise organizations. They were having difficulty fulfilling their promise of 24/7 support to their customers as their onshore support teams prefer to work within UK business hours. They therefore needed an immediate solution that would allow them to continue offering round-the-clock support including on weekends.   


After careful analysis of the client’s needs, Eastvantage offered a fully managed service solution and built a team of highly proficient IT Service Desk Analysts within one month. The team underwent a Foundations and Culture Training to familiarize them on client’s business landscape and customer nuances. Combining this and the basic framework of the support delivery process provided by the client, the team was able to set processes.  

The team provided Level 1 to Level 3 support via chat, email, and voice to the client’s customers’ end-users using their expertise in:   

  • Events Management 
  • Network Monitoring 
  • Active Directory 
  • Application Support 
  • Server Patching 
  • Database Backup 


The partnership with Eastvantage allowed the client to maintain excellent 24/7 support to their customers’ end-users. Customer satisfaction was enhanced, with the team handling an average of 4000 tickets per month at almost perfect score in ticket accuracy and handling with only 0.97% case defects.  

The client also experienced cost savings on overhead costs, as aside from the lower compensation in Eastvantage locations, there was no additional pay for outside business hours work. Further, as the management of and employer responsibilities for the team were out of their hands, they were able to focus on improving their offerings and increasing their portfolio, positioning them as a stronger player in the industry.    

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