An Online Belgian Beer Shop Increases Transaction Volume by 359% Through Expert Digital Marketing Support

The Problem / Challenge
The Belgium-headquartered client has gained a modest following in its first years of operation and has been shipping Belgian beers to customers throughout Europe and internationally. They wanted to optimize international sales by expanding their brand awareness and establishing themselves as the preferred Belgian beer shop for Belgium beer connoisseurs worldwide, which should naturally convert to sales growth.

The Solution
As the client had no experience in outsourcing and digital marketing, Eastvantage guided them at every stage of the process. After consultation meetings, it was agreed that the objective was to optimize the client’s digital presence in order to reach its target consumers.

Within a month, the Eastvantage marketing team implemented digital marketing campaigns utilizing SEO and social media marketing techniques. The campaigns involved:

  • delivering engaging content for the client’s social media channels monthly;
  • maintaining social media ads to increase brand awareness;
  • maintaining Google ads for demand capture; and
  • creating and distributing monthly newsletters for remarketing and establishing brand loyalty purposes.

Toolsused included Google Analytics, Ahrefs and Mailchimp.

The marketing team met with the client weekly to discuss developments and realign the campaigns, if necessary.

The Outcome
By leveraging the expertise of the Eastvantage marketing team, the client experienced growth within their first year of the partnership as follows:

  • Average Number of Users – 130% increase from 13,741 to 31,707 monthly
  • Average Number of New Users – 100% increase from 10,000 to 20,000 monthly
  • Average Number of Transactions – 359% increase from 373 to 1,712 monthly

Specific initiatives and results were as follows:

Average monthlyStats before EV TeamStats with EV Team% increase
Website Users13,74131,707131%
New users10,00020,000100%

The company was also able to expand its offerings from Belgian beers to other Belgian products like specialty liquor, gin, glassware, and pub memorabilia. Further, the brand’s increased popularity enabled the company to open up a physical store in Belgium, which has become a popular haunt among tourists and locals alike.


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