An Australian Digital Marketing Agency Improves Operational Efficiency Through Efficient SEO Reporting

Problem / Challenge

The client specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and helps companies within various vertical segments achieve better online visibility through data analytics. The task of compiling monthly SEO client reports for their almost 200 corporate clients had become too much of a load for their internal resources. They needed an efficient team of SEO Specialists to assist in checking the monthly performance of their customers’ websites, and collating and translating the data gathered into reports. This would allow them to focus on the analysis of the reports and analytics data, and to more efficiently make the proper recommendations to optimize customers’ online presence.


Three weeks after a service agreement was entered into between the client and Eastvantage, a team of two SEO Specialists was recruited and onboarded. In their first week the team was able to establish processes for efficiency. They created:

  • a worksheet for more streamlined and accurate management of reports;
  • a checklist to ensure every important component of thereport was updated; and
  • several email templates for positive, negative, and neutral monthly traffic updates.

The team handles monthly reporting requirements for almost 200 websites including monitoring, recording, and collating the following:

  • organic sessions
  • search impressions
  • conversions
  • goal completions
  • keyword rankings

The team is able to consistently accomplish the following:

  • record data gathered in AgencyAnalytics, the platform used for automated reports
  • compile monthly performance reports for each customer website
  • note ranking and movement and add observations on email templates that are sent out to the website owners to update them
  • review customers’ Google My Business pages and sending reminders as needed

The team utilizes and navigates a variety of applications in performing their tasks including: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Ahrefs, and Google My Business


By outsourcing the SEO reporting to Eastvantage, the client is able to deliver monthly updates to their customers in a timely and cost-efficient manner. The partnership also frees up time for in-house resources to be able to focus on data analysis, strategizing, and implementation of tactics for better search engine ranking and improved visitor quality to their customers’ websites. 

With the surge in smartphone and internet usage driving growth of the SEO services market at a projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20.7% in 2026, the client’s business is expected to grow further. The client’s SEO Specialists team is expected to grow alongside the company’s growth. 

Because the client is happy with the results in the first few months of engagement with Eastvantage, they have now entered into a testing phase agreement for off-page optimization through guest posting. The task involves sourcing third-party websites where existing website content may be posted for link-building purposes, initiating contact with website owners, negotiating the pricing, and once found acceptable, sharing content.

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