American Nonprofit Organization Seamlessly Manages Project in the Philippines Through Inspired Outsourcing

case study ngo project management

Problem / Challenge

The client is a US-based nonprofit organization providing support and administrative assistance to scientific programs for the advancement of military medicine. They are managing a special project in the Philippines and needed on-the-ground operational assistance. Having no legal presence nor employer experience in the country, they had difficulty onboarding the right talent.


Eastvantage provided end-to-end recruitment of high-level technical operations personnel with specialized medical backgrounds for the client. There is currently a team of two overseeing the client’s Philippine project with full employer support from Eastvantage. A dedicated Business Partner serves as the liaison between the client and the local team and ensures operational excellence.


By partnering with Eastvantage, the client 

  • was able to quickly and legally put in place a local project management team
  • is able to efficiently manage their Philippine project 
  • is able to have their in-house resources focus on other core tasks while leaving their employer duties and performance monitoring of their Philippine team to Eastvantage

Further, the client is able to save 67.45% in operational costs by having a local team instead of maintaining US consultants on expat basis. They also saved around $15,290 in hiring cost.

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