American Health IT Solutions and Services Provider Saves 65% Through Inspired Outsourcing

Problem / Challenge

The client is a US-based health information technology solutions and services provider that assists federal, state, and local agencies in caring for the most vulnerable members of the communities they serve. The increased demand for digitalization in the health industry due to the pandemic in turn increased the demand for the client’s services. However, they experienced difficulty in hiring talent that would enable them to cope with their work requirements. They needed an immediate solution to facilitate the building of an additional team of software engineers with the least disruption to their operations and in a cost-efficient manner. 


Eastvantage built the client’s required software development team consisting of Senior Software Architect, Senior Solutions Architect, .Net Developers, Performance Testers, and Cloud Engineers. Despite the hard-to-fill roles, 24 full time employees were hired within three (3) months, and the team is continuously growing. Eastvantage monitors performance to ensure consistent delivery within set standards and timeframes. 


By leveraging Eastvantage expertise the client:

  • was able to fill their talent requirements swiftly without compromising quality;
  • experiences smooth operations with uninterrupted operations support; and
  • saves 65% on operational cost.

With Eastvantage’s flexibility, the client is able to easily scale as needed. Operational excellence also allows the client to fulfill their customers’ requirements without delay, while their in-house teams are able to focus on growing their market further.

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