A US Finance Consulting Firm Reduces Costs by 60% With the Help of a High-Performing Offshore Support Team

case study offshore customer support


U.S. mortgage lenders today assume a higher risk due to the reduced required down payment from borrowers.  A decade ago 20% was the standard and now downpayments are often only 5%. Stiff price competition and more stringent consumer protection regulations have also added to increased financial risk for lenders. Because of this, our client needed to cut costs and improve productivity in relation to mortgage fulfillment services in order to remain competitive. 


After analysis of the client’s need, it was determined that an outsourced mortgage loan processing service was the best direction for the firm. Eastvantage immediately set out to assist the client in building an offshore team in the Philippines, and in three weeks, was able to onboard two mortgage specialists with loan processing experience specifically in the US mortgage industry. The team has since been working collaboratively with the finance and mortgage teams in the USA, India, and Sri Lanka.

The team members work on US shift. The process involves:

  • review of closing disclosure loan documents for accuracy, authenticity, and completeness
  • checking of credit scores, risk scores, and other criteria set by the client
  • return of incomplete or unqualified applications to the credit analysis team in the US and India
  • forwarding of complete and qualified applications to the quality control team in Sri Lanka 


Having a strong and efficient team of full-time Mortgage Specialists under Eastvantage helped the client:

  • reduce costs of manpower by 62% 
  • reduce error rate to less than 0.7%
  • have access to the latest digital tools without the need to set up infrastructure
  • free up its internal resources from the time consuming task of processing loans, so they could focus on other activities that have a direct impact on the firm’s bottom line

The Eastvantage service model, being extremely scalable, enabled the company to grow the loan processing team commensurate with its business expansion requirements. With the growth they experienced in just after a year of operations of the Philippine team, they had to triple the team size to cope with higher volume of transactions. 

The client was immensely satisfied with the services of Eastvantage, so much so that they have extended the partnership to cover IT support services. They now have another team under Eastvantage that handles assistance to its IT end-users. As with most clients of Eastvantage, the partnership grows as the client’s business grows.

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