A Norwegian Technology Company More Than Doubled Sales With the Help of a High-Performing Customer Support Team

case study customer support


An existing client, a technology company producing user-friendly radon detectors to control indoor air quality, was planning to gradually launch a new line of products that leveraged the Internet of Things (IoT) between 2018 to 2021. The company was concerned that because the customer support team had limited knowledge of the new product line, their customer satisfaction (CSAT) ratings would decrease and negatively impact sales. They, therefore, saw the urgent need to address the performance of the customer support team in order to retain customer loyalty and brand advocacy.


Eastvantage met with the client and agreed that first reply time (FRT) and customer satisfaction (CSAT) should be maintained even with the new product line launch. 

After the initial briefing, the customer support team immediately educated themselves about the newly launched devices that can connect to a smartphone through Bluetooth. As is Eastvantage practice, the team used information from the product manuals and initial incoming customer inquiries to create a knowledge base that now serves as a reference in responding to incoming concerns. 

The scope of service includes after sales support, technical troubleshooting, and proper handling of product and general inquiries. The team currently provides live chat and email support 18 hours a day, six days a week. Each team member is capable of handling four concurrent chats.


Because of the team’s initiative to build a reliable and comprehensive knowledge base, it was able to consistently surpass the set targets of FRT at below 40 hours and CSAT at 85%. The culture of ownership at Eastvantage helped achieve the following:

  • 98.96% reduction in First Reply Time (from 40 hours to 25 minutes)
  • 76% reduction in Average Resolution Time (from 168 hrs to 40 hrs)
  • 92% CSAT as compared to 64% in 2018
  • Seamless experience in order fulfillment

The high customer satisfaction led to more customers recommending the brand and its products, particularly via reviews on partner channel sites. This resulted in a phenomenal increase in sales for the client, from USD11m in 2018 to USD35m in 2021. As the client has grown, the customer support team has grown with them. From one full-time employee in 2018, the team is now eight strong and continues to provide excellent service to the client’s buyers and end-users. 

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