A Leading Australian Ecommerce Site Easily Adapts to the Market Disruption Through Expert Customer Support

case study ecommerce customer support

Problem / Challenge

The client has been representing a number of brands since 2011 and features their partners’ high quality products, mostly consumer electronics, through a collection of online shopping websites. They combine these products with efficient delivery service Australia-wide.

When the pandemic struck in 2020, Australian shoppers adopted a more local focus and their activities changed such that the volume purchased from online retailers located in the continent considerably increased. As more shops shifted to online, the competition became stiff. The client was therefore faced with the need to expand their customer support in order to cope with the demand while maintaining customer service quality. In order to remain competitive, they therefore sought a quick and cost-effective solution that would at the same time allow their inhouse resources to focus on managing partnerships, their online shops, and order fulfillment.


Upon careful assessment of the client’s needs and goals, Eastvantage sourced and built a team of customer support experts for the client. In just a month, the team was operational and was providing full support to the client’s whole operations in a manner consistent with their quality standards. Aside from finding the right people, the team, being subject matter experts, built their dashboards and key performance indicators that helped the client assess their performance.

The team handles pre and post sales requests from customers such as product information, delivery inquiries, troubleshooting, refund and replacement requests, etc. This is through chat, calls and email channels.


With the CRM expertise of Eastvantage, the client’s customer support team achieved 4.7 CSAT versus the 4.5 goal.

By offloading the operational complexities of an ecommerce customer support team to an experienced provider, the client was able to easily adapt to the disruption. They were also able to focus on expanding their business to be able to cater to the needs of the growing local online market and grow brand loyalty.

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