A Japanese Executive Search Firm Optimizes Resources Through Inspired Outsourcing

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The Requirement / The Challenge

The client is an executive search firm in Tokyo that connects bilingual mid to senior level management professionals to foreign capital firms in Japan. They were looking to save operational costs for their support arm in the Philippines. In connection with this, they were in the market for a flexible partner who could provide a solution specific to their needs.

The Solution

Within a period of 30 days, the HR, IT, and Legal teams of Eastvantage successfully transitioned the client’s existing Philippine team of 12 employees composed of Engagement Specialists and Research Specialists to Eastvantage. Aside from Eastvantage becoming the legal employer of the team members, the team operations were transferred from their Makati office to the Eastvantage office in BGC.

As soon as the team was properly set up with Eastvantage, our Operations Team began to optimize manpower by training Tier 1 team members to be able to cover Tier 2 and Tier 3 complex support. Dashboards were put in place to track daily productivity and shared with client for full visibility of the team performance.

The team is currently delivering:

  • 50 candidate contacts per recruiter per day
  • 30 candidate interviews scheduled with employer per recruiter per month
  • 782 productivity points per recruitment activity per month

The Outcome

By leveraging Eastvantage’s expertise in training and development, the client was able to optimize their manpower resources. This, plus the lower cost of the outsourced offshore operations compared to a captive model or maintaining an in-house team, enabled the client to save on operational costs by 74%.

As the client was highly satisfied with the results, they have expanded the team in line with their increased requirements. The team has grown 350% since they first partnered with Eastvantage in 2016, and remains to be scalable to meet their evolving needs.

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