A Fortune Global 500 Company Grows its Asian Market With Expert Customer Support

case study customer support fortune global 500

Problem / Challenge

The client’s brand of consumer electronics is a leader in the European white goods market. With over 60 years of experience, the group now has 28 production facilities with 40,000 employees globally serving 130+ countries.

They have seen the increasing potential of the Asian market and wanted to accelerate their growth in the region. They were unhappy with the performance of their outsourcing partner for customer support and were exploring solutions on how to optimize performance and improve upselling.


After due consultations with the client, it was agreed that the best solution was to build an English speaking presales and after-sales support for the client’s Southeast Asia customers that would have the experience to improve all their critical metrics. Eastvantage then proceeded to source for talent to form a Customer Service Representative (CSR) team for the client.

While the hiring of the pioneer team in Manila was ongoing, the Eastvantage IT experts helped the client in setting up their technical and back-end systems. They assisted in the selection of a vendor for the most suitable CRM tool for metrics and performance management. They also set up the telephony system and toll-free numbers.

The Eastvantage recruitment and HR teams were able to complete the hiring and onboarding of the required CSRs in a span of 45 days. A dedicated Operations Business Partner was assigned to oversee the team operations. Team members were trained and Eastvantage, in consultation with the client, established Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and operational metrics to systemize workforce management and measure productivity and efficiency. These metrics ensure robust performance and processes. Reporting dashboards were also put in place for real-time productivity tracking.

The CSR team provides support 12 hours six days a week (12/6). From providing support to Southeast Asia customers, the team is currently smoothly supporting the whole Asian region and performs the following tasks:

  • Attends to customers needs via calls, emails, and chats
  • Provides customers with information regarding promotions
  • Provides on-call contact support during live events
  • Management of Customer and Sales Rewards Programs through our outbound process


By transitioning their customer support function to Eastvantage, the client was able to leverage the latter’s expertise in managed services for customer service and their critical metrics improved as follows:

  • 67% reduction in Average Handling Time (from 15 to five minutes)
  • 150% increase in upselling success (from two to five sales per employee)
  • 30% improvement in Facebook response time
  • 25% improvement in Lazada (ecommerce site) response time

The client is very pleased with the CSR team’s performance and is planning to expand it to cover support for regions outside of Asia in the near future.

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