A DBA Management Solutions Provider Maintains High-Quality Knowledge Base With the Help of Product Specialists

case study dba management product specialist

Problem / Challenge

Our Norwegian client has been developing and delivering efficient and scalable database monitoring and management solutions to companies in Scandinavia, Europe, and North America since 2001. With the prevalence of IT environments and especially the increasing deployment of cloud computing technologies, data being produced keeps growing considerably, escalating the demand for database monitoring tools. In 2019, the client wanted to be able to focus on growing the business by creating new offerings while at the same time maintaining the current customer experience. They therefore wanted a solution that will allow them to allocate their inhouse resources to focus on innovation and securing new customers while ensuring their existing customers are able to optimize use of their database farm management and monitoring tool.


After due analysis of the client’s needs, Eastvantage built a team of DBA Product Specialists with a unique profile. The team members are not only familiar with database management systems but also with training techniques such that they are able to pass on the knowledge to users of the client’s database farm management and monitoring solution.

The team serves as community experts on the client’s new technologies. They were able to develop high-quality content, articles, and videos that help educate existing users and serve as useful resources for future customers.


By entrusting the building of a product knowledge base to support its users to Eastvantage, the client’s internal resources were able to focus on innovation and growth initiatives, allowing them to expand their business. The team of DBA Product Specialists were also not only able to maintain the company’s customer service rating of 5/5 but played a pivotal role in elevating the client’s database monitoring solution to the best of its category. Fast forward to 2021, and our client proudly holds a place among the elite top ten database monitoring tools, boasting a remarkable 100% likelihood of being recommended by satisfied customers. This signifies a significant leap forward, considering that they weren’t even on the top ten list in 2019.

The team has been scaled up parallel to the client’s growth. And, because the client is happy with Eastvantage service, they have also outsourced marketing functions. A team of Marketing Specialists now creates content and hosts events for the client including trade events participation and site promos for the US and UK markets.

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