A CSR and Social Impact Platform Company Reduces Their Operational Costs by 40% by Partnering With Eastvantage

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Problem / Challenge

The software company was using different service providers, ranging from freelancers to corporate vendors, in order to handle their support requirements. These teams worked across multiple areas including cloud engineering, web development, and database management. The complexity of managing multiple vendors took up time and resources which the company needed to divert to income generating activities. Further, the divergent frameworks and approaches of the multiple vendors limited collaboration which adversely affected speed of service delivery to the company’s customers.


Immediately after engagement, Eastvantage initiated a discovery phase for the project including a comprehensive analysis of the client’s multi-vendor approach. It cataloged their support requirements and the challenges they were encountering. During this time, the client indicated a desire to have a dedicated team for research and development..

After gaining a thorough understanding of the results the company was looking for, the Eastvantage operations team created a customized solution for the client which involved integrating support for cloud engineering, web development, and database management under one roof.

Eastvantage provided end to end recruitment services from the sourcing of talent to the hiring of the right associates. Within 30 days, it was able to provide a dedicated team of Cloud Engineers, PHP Full-Stack Developers, and Quality Assurance Testers for research and development.

Within six months, the team was able to develop a flexible platform with modular features, and which offers the ability to perform:

  • Grant management
  • Volunteer management
  • Sponsorship management
  • Scholarship management
  • Monitoring of CSR and sponsorship activities of global teams
  • Research grant collaboration and impact monitoring
  • Corporate giving operations management

The team uses the following tools:
1.  Google Meet – Google app that allows connection via talk, text, or video with a higher level of security
2.  Slack – messaging app for business that allows teams to work as one unit
3.  Jira – work management tool used for a wide range of purposes, including test case management and agile software development
4.  Bitbucket Cloud – hosting and team collaboration tool
5.  GoCD – open source build and release tool that streamlines workflow on cloud environments such as Kubernetes, Docker, AWS
6.  VPN (virtual private network) – secure tunnel between a device and the internet for protection from online snooping, interference, and censorship
7.  Atom – platform which is a configurable text editor used to develop websites
8.  MySQL – database storage
9.  Dbeaver- open source multi platform database management tool and SQL client used by developers and database administrators to access any database or cloud application
10. AWS S3 – cloud server where all of the projects are hosted
11. Confluence – official knowledge base of the company where all documents are stored and accessible to anyone in the organization

The team currently provides continuous research and development involving analysis of the product requirements raised by end users, creation of product documentation, and a robust technical analysis that would help the developers to finish the product development on time. Apart from this, the team also provides IT support, working on customization of applications post release of products based on end user ad hoc requirements.


With the adoption of an integrated operational support system by Eastvantage, the client was able to:

  • consolidate and expand their platform which enabled them to tap new markets,
  • improve overall efficiency in serving their customer base by 20% because of the quick turnaround of a single vendor, and
  • reduce operational costs by 40%.

By outsourcing their research and development to Eastvantage, the client is now able to offer a powerful tool to help corporations, foundations, educational institutions, and other organizations in managing and expanding their philanthropy. Moreover, they were able to focus on business development activities and are now conquering other geographies.

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