Build Operate Transfer Outsourcing: Reduce Costs and Risks for Establishing Your Own Offshore Operations

Eastvantage offers the easier solutions to establish offshore operations in the Philippines through the Build Operate Transfer (BOT) model. This type of solution is ideal for companies that wish to have eventual control over their business at the end of the contract period or once a pre-determined milestone has been met. We offer different flexible delivery models which you can read more about on our outsourcing solutions page.

Setting up an entity in a new country entails costly, personnel-heavy, and time-consuming work that includes due diligence, investment, startup costs, infrastructure costs, asset procurement and compliance. For businesses that want to get off the ground faster, the time required to meet all these is simply not feasible.

Build Operate Transfer is advantageous in the way that Eastvantage will set up, optimise, and run your offshore operations until it is established. When the operations is self-sustaining, we begin the management transition and offer the post-transition support you need to ensure stability as you self-manage your Philippine entity. BOT ensures that you do nothing of the initial heavy lifting and you take the reins over operations only during the auto-pilot phase.

When you’re ready to take flight, Eastvantage will support you in transitioning your:

  • Staff
  • Facility
  • Assets
  • Contracts
  • Subscriptions
  • Legal documentation

Eastvantage has partnered with dozens of clients from the USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Set up your Philippines offshore operations with ease. Contact us to speak to our business development team and to receive a business proposal for Build Operate Transfer.