A Singapore-headquartered Digital Life Insurer Successfully Penetrates the Philippine Market Through Inspired Outsourcing

Problem / Challenge

The client was expanding their presence in Asia and was introducing their technology-empowered financial services in the Philippines. They were experiencing delays in their app launch and wanted to tap local talent to help with the advancement of their plans. They therefore wanted to accelerate the establishment of their Philippine operations and were looking for a partner who could facilitate the process.

As their platform was a mobile-first solution, they needed to:

  • build a team that could help them develop and implement their software programs;
  • build and maintain their data and data pipeline; and
  • handle customer inquiries.


After establishing the scope of work required by the client for smooth-running operations in the country, Eastvantage built a support team within 30 days composed of:

  • Software Developers responsible for planning, coding, building, testing, and deploying the client’s financial services products using ReactJS (frontend) and NodeJs + Typescript (backend) tech stack;
  • Data Scientists responsible for collecting data for cross functional components and optimizing the data flow; and
  • Digital Marketing Specialists responsible for building brand awareness and introducing the products and services through digital channels
  • Customer Service staff to provide assistance to prospective and existing customers on their insurance and platform concerns

Aside from providing HR, payroll, office space, and IT support to the team members, Eastvantage managed the day to day operations of the team. The team trained with the client’s partner tech facilities, and necessary SOPs and knowledge bases were established. Metrics were also set to measure the customer support team’s performance as follows:

  • First Response Time (FRT) – 40 minutes
  • Average Handle Time (AHT) – 7 minutes
  • Average Resolution Time (ART) – 24 hours
  • Attendance – 95%
  • CSAT (Agent Level, Ease of Contacting Singlife, Product Satisfaction) – 88%

The technology support team was managed directly by the client and was bound by their inhouse KPIs.


By leveraging the local knowledge, expertise, and resources of Eastvantage, the client was able to quickly establish smooth operations in the Philippines.

  1. They were able to build their required support team fast, and were freed from the daily operational demands while maintaining autonomy.
  2. They were able to start operations immediately after onboarding of required profiles using ready, complete, and world class working facilities of Eastvantage including workspace, technology systems such as telephony and CRM tools and at a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).
  3. They are now able to cope with the app development and are on track with the set timelines.
  4. They now have tested SOPs and metrics for their local team.

With expert CRM management, the Customer Support team has also been able to surpass targets as follows:

  • First Response Time (FRT) – 32.1 minutes vs. set target of maximum 40 minutes
  • Average Handle Time (AHT) – 3.17 minutes vs. set target of maximum 7 minutes
  • Average Resolution Time (ART) – 8.81 hours vs. set target of maximum 24 hours
  • Attendance – 99.24% vs. set target of minimum 95%
  • CSAT – 89.68% vs. set target of minimum 88%

As Eastvantage’s solution is highly scalable, the team grows in line with the client’s increasing requirements to meet market demands. In the past two years, the team size has increased by 575%, from 6 full-time employees in 2020 to 41 now. The team is expected to grow further as the client’s Philippine business continues to grow, Also, as the client is happy with the results of the partnership, they are currently considering outsourcing the IT services requirements of their Singapore subsidiary to Eastvantage as well.

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