Expanding work opportunities for excelling customer support team

This client of ours is a full-service partner for energy supply companies in Cologne, Germany and serves hundred thousand end customers for its clients. The company works in the field of metering services, change management and end-customer support primarily for nationwide energy suppliers.

The Requirement / The Challenge
The client needs a full-fledged team that can interact with end-users and consumers for billing support.

The Solution
Eastvantage created a dedicated customer support team for the client. In their first month, the Eastvantage team was able to clear the current backlog of the onshore team. They also met the monthly metrics including critical matrix:

  • Average Turnaround Time
  • Average Resolution Time
  • First Response Time
  • CSAT

First few months for the client was only for billing support. But as the team continued to excel, the team expanded to handle knowledge transfer, product management and research details for new markets. At current, they are now a team of 35 customer support experts handling:

  1. Billing
  2. Switching
  3. Log Complaints
  4. Debt Collection, and
  5. Overall Customer Service


Over 15,000 backlog cases, from onshore and other offshore teams, were handed over to the Eastvantage team and they were able to finish 98% in 5 months.

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