Evolving products call for evolving customer support team

The Project

One of our clients is an e-commerce showcasing artworks of different designers and makers, turning art into fashion items such as apparel, accessories, and jewelry. There are new products being launched on a weekly basis and an increasing supply from artists. New features and updates on the website were also applied.

The Requirement / The Challenge
The client is looking for support in ensuring the new features are working fine and the products continue to be sold.

The Solution
The client has a customer support team in Eastvantage that responds to both the artists, who upload products, and the consumers, who buy them. Our team is very familiar with the e-commerce site that gave them the capacity to play a big role in the new stage of the business. From customer support representatives they became brand ambassadors, that has broadened the team to:

  • QA analysts that check and ensure the quality of the new website features, for both end of the seller and the consumer
  • digital marketers that create new product promotion and manage newsletters for the site

With all the information they learned as CSRs, they were able to fulfill bigger tasks that in turn made the sales go higher and created a value proposition for the client.

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