Traffic Management Solutions: Traffic planning from the other side of the globe

The Project

We have clients that are leading traffic management in Australia and the US. Together with their company partners, there had been a continuous demand for traffic plans that in turn resulted to seek help from outsourcing.

The Requirement / The Challenge
The competencies of the traffic planners that these companies need are unique and hard to find. Aside from core competencies, it is also important for the offshore staff to understand the region that they are working on, may it be in the US or in Australia. And all the tools they have for this is Google Earth or Maps.

The Solution
Eastvantage onboarded talent that has the core competencies that the client is looking for:

  • Engineering/design work doing graphic designs or traffic plans
  • Designing Australian / US road plans using Google Maps, an Australian / American road atlas, and software for creating traffic control plans
  • Work with design software programs and draw road layouts
  • Collaborating regularly with the onshore team

Tools: RapidPlan, Google Earth / Maps

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