Seat Leasing Solution for a Swedish Company Entering the Southeast Asia Market

Cibes Lift is an established Swedish company that is slowly establishing a presence in Southeast Asia. In 2014, a China office was established in order to be closer to its Asian distributors and consumers and from here, relationships are slowly being established further into SEA countries including Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines.

The Requirement / The Challenge
Cibes Lift Group is testing the market and is cautious in the steps it is taking in expanding to the Philippines. Strategically, Vietnam and Indonesia are their first targets, while still laying the foundations for setting up operations in Manila. They employ freelance staff, however they find that the work quality and productivity is compromised in many cases. Moreover, their credibility when it comes to sales need to be established when it comes to having a physical office to represent them, as well as provide support to their existing staff without the overhead costs that come with leasing a physical space.

The Solution
seat leasing arrangement was agreed between Cibes Lift Group and Eastvantage, given that they have an existing Philippines-based team. Eastvantage provides a dedicated workstation with complete hardware and connectivity for the staff to use, with HR and payrolll support to take this administrative task off of the China team. Meanwhile, the staff have meeting rooms at their disposal should they need to represent Cibes Lift during sales meetings, lending more credibility to the brand while keeping country launch costs minimal. Eastvantage also provides a base from which visiting clients can convene.


Startseite – GS Aufzüge Cibes

Company Name
Cibes Lift Group