Australian Patient Management Systems Provider Improves Customer Satisfaction Through Inspired Outsourcing

Problem / Challenge

The client provides general practitioners, specialists, radiologists, and pathologists with a complete practice management solution and many hospitals around Australia with an affordable and effective patient administration system. They had a team of freelancers in the Philippines doing medical billing and administrative support for customer claims and queries. 

The client was concerned that their team members who were working from home were not performing well and their customers who were being serviced by these staff were becoming dissatisfied. They attributed the inconsistencies, backlogs, and big number of rejected claims to unreliable internet connection,  improper tools, and their inability to closely supervise the staff due to the remote arrangement. They therefore sought a solution that will help them improve the working environment of their staff in order to improve their productivity.


After due analysis of the client’s offshore team situation, Eastvantage took over the management of the team and support operations. Immediately, the existing freelance staff of the client were onboarded as full-time employees and provided workspace with strong and stable connectivity as well as proper equipment and tools for them to perform their work properly such as MyOB, Xero, Skype, and CRM tools. The transition was completed and the team was fully operational at the Eastvantage headquarters in less than 30 days.

A dedicated Operations Business Partner was assigned to oversee the team operations. Team members were guided through their legal and regular employment journey by the Eastvantage HR and operations teams. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and operational metrics to systemize workforce management and measure productivity and efficiency were established to ensure robust performance and processes. Reporting dashboards were also put in place for real time productivity tracking.


By transitioning their offshore support team to Eastvantage, the client experienced improved customer satisfaction. This is as a result of the more stable working environment which in turn improved employee satisfaction by at least 20%. Because the client’s happier medical billing and administrative support team members became inspired to do well in their work and overall service to the client’s medical practitioner customers improved.

  • The invoice turnaround time improved.
  • Customer queries and concerns were resolved quickly.
  • Billing backlogs were eliminated.
  • Medicare and other claims were facilitated and rejected claims were reduced.

The improved service by the offshore team also helped the client grow as brand loyalty increased and they received referrals from their satisfied customers.  

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