Filipinos are the happiest employees in Asia

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Jobstreet Philippines’ recent survey revealed that Filipinos are the happiest workers compared to other Asian workers.

From the recent nationwide Job Satisfaction Report that was conducted by Jobstreet Philippines from June to July, the result showed that 70% out of the 7,586 workers rated themselves as “happy” with their jobs, where in 15% answered “very happy” and 55% are “happy”.  The 70% is the highest rating collated by the Jobstreet compared to surveys conducted in Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia.

Yoda Buyco, Marketing Manager of Jobstreet Philippines said that, “We are the happiest employees in Asia. Compared to Hong Kong whose satisfaction rating is at 37 percent, Singapore at 51 percent, Thailand with 59 percent, and Indonesian employees are most dissatisfied with a 28- percent satisfaction rating,”

Salary and Benefits are said to be the factor driving the satisfaction rating, even if the country has the highest taxation rate and low income levels.

Buyco mentioned that, “If you look at our cost of living, it’s very low compared to the other Asian countries. We’re happy even if our salaries are not comparable, but if we compare the cost of services and goods, ours is still lower.”

Their survey result also revealed that the position level and tenure also affects the satisfaction rating, stating that “the higher the position of employees, the more dissatisfied they are with their job.”

Their data showed that 79% of the fresh graduates answered the survey that they are “happy” with their job, while for directors and managers – 67% happiness level. Buyco also added that, “For those less than a year in their company, they are 75 percent happy but for those longer than 5 years, only 62 percent are happy.”

From the survey’s result, it was also concluded that the drivers for the employee happiness (considering the least to most significant to staff), are the relationships with their colleagues, teams and superior, working environment, learning and development opportunities, job role, salary and benefits.  For the 30% of the survey results, Monetary compensation seen to be the reason why they are unhappy with their jobs.

Source Link: Business Mirror