Eastvantage Wins Gold Award in the 2023 TITAN Business Awards

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Global outsourcing company recognized for its growth achievements

Taguig, Philippines – April 20, 2023 –  Eastvantage was crowned as a 2023 TITAN Business Awards Gold winner as Fastest-Growing Company of the Year category. Its entry “Winning Over the Pandemic: EVolvement Through Empowerment”  was identified as one of the exemplary entries deserving of TITAN honors by seasoned professionals on the jury.

“As the pandemic came around, we had to recalibrate our organizational strategies accordingly, not only to survive but also to be in a better position to seize opportunities in the outsourcing industry,” shared Kamal Asarpota, then Eastvantage Chief Operations Officer (COO).

Eastvantage restructured its shareholdings in 2021 and scaled service operations. Management gave a higher focus on complex and digital services and expanded its IT Managed Services. More importantly, the company also nurtured a culture of ownership, communication, and collaboration dubbed #OCC, which aligned stakeholders and all team members with the company’s and clients’ goals. To support this, Eastvantage streamlined its HR processes through digitalization and enhanced happiness initiatives.

All these empowered and engaged the Eastvantage community to provide operational excellence to the company’s clients which increased customer satisfaction from 88% in 2021 to 92% in 2022.  This is owing to how Eastvantage helped clients’ businesses not only get through the volatile business environment but also grow. This heightened clients’ confidence in the company and helped the company build up its existing business simultaneous with securing new clients. The rise in demand allowed Eastvantage to expand its global footprint with the launching of delivery centers in India, Bulgaria, and Vietnam, in addition to a second location in the Philippines. It closed 2022 at a staggering 93% revenue growth representing the highest revenue and growth rate in its 12 years in business.

“Eastvantage’s amazing growth is a testament to the value of building synergies and engaging our people to achieve the numbers we want,” remarked Joeri Timp, Eastvantage Founder and Managing Director. “It is with great pride that our pursuit of excellence in the midst of the difficult business climate in the past years is again being recognized by the international business community.”

The TITAN Business Awards acknowledges the achievements of entrepreneurs and organizations worldwide. Hosted by the International Awards Associate (IAA), this year’s competition received over 1100 nominated entries from entrepreneurs, SMEs, and large organizations accepts entries from entrepreneurs, SMEs, and large organizations from up to 56 countries.

“We wish to congratulate the winners and commend them for the stellar works they had submitted,” Thomas Brandt, spokesperson of IAA, remarked. “We are proud to be a platform for entrepreneurs and businesses to showcase their works and to honor their excellence in business with recognition.”

As the Titan Awards is focused on rewarding excellence, it gives weightage to impartiality and diversity in perspective in the judging process. In this regard, a myriad of reputable professionals were brought onto the jury panel including executives from prestigious organizations, such as Netlife, Instagram / Meta, RETHINK Retail, Mission Mittelstand, and LinkedIn. To uphold impartiality, a blind judging method was used, and jurors were only allowed to assess each entry in its own vacuum, so winners were chosen entirely on their own merits and without being compared to other entries. Further, standards based on contemporary industry practices served as benchmarks in assessments.

“The TITAN Business Awards is created to spotlight those who drive their organizations toward greatness, whether they be leaders or the teams supporting the visionaries,” Thomas remarked. “No matter what the organization is, it is undeniable through their fruits that they do exhibit qualities worth mimicking by the corporate world. Truly, these people help drive industries forward.”

This year’s competition saw a myriad of entries from distinguished companies, including Tata Consultancy Services, AECOM, 4Life, and Radix, to name a few. These entrants demonstrated why they were leaders in the industry, thus setting the benchmark for the level of competition.

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