Eastvantage Strengthens Emergency Response Capabilities in the Workplace

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Euro-Filipino outsourcing company’s BGC office now has certified first aiders

The pandemic has undoubtedly brought to the fore the importance for businesses to have in place a plan for operations continuity in cases of emergency. Eastvantage’s Business Continuity Plan (BCP) was tested in early 2020 when lockdowns were implemented by the government in an attempt to contain the virus. The BCP strategy proved effective and enabled the company to be 100% operational on hybrid mode within a remarkably short period, and the company continues to actively find ways to improve safety and security in the workplace.

In an effort to provide faster response to emergencies, Eastvantage recently sent three of its employees to first aid training sessions facilitated by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). This was in compliance with DOLE’s First Aider Occupational Health Personnel requirement pursuant to DOLE DO198-18.

Personnel under HR and IT, underwent the two-day training and are now proudly certified first aiders. Den, Eastvantage’s HR Manager, shared, “There was a lot of valuable learning on how to properly handle accidents and emergencies. Some dispelled first aid practices most of us have been used to, making for a safer first aid response”

All Eastvantage offices have preventive measures in place whenever applicable. However, it chooses to fight complacency and believes it is better to be prepared. With additional certified first aiders in the workplace, there is a renewed sense of security that in case an accident does happen, there is someone in the workplace who is qualified to provide prompt attention to any injuries pending the arrival of professional medical help. “I can say that I am now prepared to deal with emergency cases (Hopefully none :D),” Den said.

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