Eastvantage Reports 70% Growth in 2021

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Company achieves unprecedented growth in the previous year

Taguig, Philippines, April 4, 2022 – Eastvantage (EV), a global business solutions provider, announced that the company grew its customer portfolio by 70% in 2021. Correspondingly, its headcount grew at the same rate. The company’s leadership attributed the positive growth to the corporate restructuring during the year, complemented by the strengthening of its sales and operations teams.

“Early in 2021, we restructured our shareholding. We welcomed a seasoned investor with a deep understanding of scaling service operations like ours. Key stakeholders in the company are now better aligned with company goals, and were incentivized to aim for growth. A clear mandate was given to the CEO to optimize the Eastvantage company culture to deliver greater customer satisfaction,” shared Joeri Timp, Founder and Managing Director of Eastvantage.

The company also shifted its focus to Managed Services. “As a mid-market player, Eastvantage enjoys higher revenue per headcount than the bigger players in the Managed Services sphere because it leans toward weaving IT services, specifically software development, into its operational service offering,” explained Kamal Asarpota, CEO of Eastvantage.

Because of these developments, Eastvantage experienced a twelve percent increase in its annual revenue amidst the Covid pandemic. Further, it exceeded its EBITDA target and closed the year with the highest annual income in its 11 years of operations.

By continuously readapting its service models, particularly Managed Services, to be in line with evolving global market demands, Eastvantage sees itself transcending its 2021 successes this 2022, and forecasts to see at least a 50% revenue growth this year.