Eastvantage Celebrates 13 Years of Excellence and GPTW Certification

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Global managed services company reiterates its commitment to operational excellence through an inclusive culture

Taguig City, Philippines – October 12, 2023 — Last week, Eastvantage, a renowned managed services and outsourcing provider, marked a significant milestone as it celebrated its 13th anniversary with a grand virtual and in-person event. The occasion was not just about commemorating another year but also unveiling a prestigious accolade and recognizing the dedication of its team members.

The heart of Eastvantage’s operations spans across multiple global locations, with team members in the Philippines, India, and Bulgaria. In keeping with the spirit of the times, the anniversary event was attended by team members both physically and virtually, ensuring that everyone could participate in the festivities.

Bound for Greater Heights at 13
The theme for the celebration was “UPWARD: Bound for Greater Heights at 13.” This theme aptly reflects Eastvantage’s journey over the past 13 years – one marked by constant growth, evolution, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

From its humble beginnings, Eastvantage has soared to become a trusted partner for organizations worldwide, providing top-notch managed services and outsourcing solutions. Its commitment to delivering exceptional results, fostering innovation, and nurturing a vibrant workplace culture has been at the core of its success.

More than a Decade of Greatness
One of the most significant highlights of the celebration was the unveiling of Eastvantage’s Great Place to Work (GPTW) certification. The GPTW certification is a prestigious recognition of the company’s dedication to creating a positive and supportive work environment for its employees. Its foundation on employee feedback underscores a company’s genuine commitment to its workforce.

This certification goes beyond a mere accolade; it reflects Eastvantage’s enduring commitment to its team members,” stated Hardy Jacob, Head of HR at Eastvantage. “The GPTW’s foundation on employee feedback reflects our people are satisfied, and we acknowledge that happy and engaged employees are the driving force behind the company’s achievements.

Kamal Asarpota, Eastvantage CEO, shared his pleasure at the achievement, “We have always believed that our people are our most valuable asset. This GPTW certification is a validation of our efforts to create a workplace where our team members can thrive, innovate, and excel. It’s more than just a certificate; it’s a testament to our culture of excellence.

Awards and Recognition
The anniversary celebration also featured the recognition of top performers and long-tenured employees. These awards are a testament to the dedication and commitment of individuals who have contributed significantly to the company’s growth and success.

Lucky 13
13 may be seen as an unlucky number for some, but for Eastvantage, this milestone encompasses these 13 words: evolution, maturity, transformation, completion, resilience, renewal, strength, change, growth, new beginning, positivity, ingenuity, and luck! It looks forward to achieving more great things with its team.

Adding an element of excitement to the celebration was the “Lucky 13” raffle. Team members had the opportunity to participate in this raffle, and 13 lucky winners walked away with exciting prizes, adding an extra layer of joy to the festivities.

A Bright Future Ahead
As Eastvantage embarks on its 14th year, it does so with a strong foundation of excellence, a dedicated team, and a commitment to continually reach greater heights. The company’s journey of more than a decade is a testament to its resilience and adaptability in the ever-evolving outsourcing landscape.

Eastvantage’s success story is far from over. With the GPTW certification as a beacon of its employee-centric culture and a team motivated to exceed expectations, the company is poised for even more remarkable achievements in the years ahead.

In a world where change is the only constant, Eastvantage’s 13-year journey serves as an inspiration to those who strive for excellence, continuous growth, and the creation of a workplace where employees truly thrive. Here’s to Eastvantage’s enduring legacy of greatness and to the boundless possibilities that lie ahead.

About Eastvantage
Since 2010, Eastvantage has been creating meaningful work relationships across the globe through premier managed services and outsourcing solutions. It supports businesses in attaining their goals while driving cost reduction and fostering growth and scalability in an ever-changing business landscape. Eastvantage combines operational excellence with cutting-edge technology to deliver desired outcomes. Its diverse team offers unparalleled expertise and deep knowledge 24/7 in 13 languages from its offices in the Philippines, India, Vietnam, Bulgaria, and Morocco. Visit eastvantage.com to discover how Eastvantage can help you succeed.

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