Eastvantage Among the Top 10 Business Process Outsourcing Companies from Asia – 2022

The Asia Business Outlook magazine has named Eastvantage one of the Top 10 Business Process Outsourcing Companies from Asia – 2022. We are pleased to share the feature below.

Eastvantage: Devising Inspired Business Solutions with Measurable Outcomes

Today, major factors driving the worldwide business process outsourcing market include businesses’ increased emphasis on boosting efficiency and business agility, lowering operational costs, and stressing core competencies in order to withstand the continuously changing business dynamics. Furthermore, in order to fulfill the growing industry demands, various businesses are increasingly wanting to have access to global resources and to lower the cost of doing business.

With numerous awards and recognitions to support its expertise, Eastvantage’s operations have successfully provided a wide range of managed services to clients globally. The company’s global workforce of 1,200 workers is responsible for software development, technology support, customer service, and a wide range of business support services such as finance and accounting, sales, marketing, and human resources. Early in 2022, Eastvantage established operations in India and Bulgaria, expanding on its long-standing base of operations in the Philippines. By broadening its global reach, the company was able to offer clients more options, such as a larger time zone overlap and a broader spectrum of language fluency. Clients in the EU who need to keep their data within the EU can now use Bulgaria-based teams.

“Many suppliers concentrate solely on the fundamentals of finding decent people and providing them with appropriate training, tools, and management. Naturally these elements are absolutely essential, but we view them as table stakes. Eastvantage also provides what we call inspired results. We provide maximum flexibility by combining personalized services with operational excellence,” says Kamal Asarpota, CEO at Eastvantage.

“We begin with the client’s objectives in mind and then reverse-engineer everything we do to help them accomplish those objectives. This is far easier said than done in practice, which is why many providers do not function in this manner. However, we believe that this results-oriented approach accomplishes two important things. It guarantees that we provide the business outcomes that are actually important to our clients, which gives our people a stronger sense of purpose and makes their job more meaningful. This increased job satisfaction creates a virtuous cycle in which we are able to attract and retain top personnel more easily. And, Eastvantage being managed by founders personally, the expertise combined with a hands-on approach to governing client relationships ensures that we deliver inspired results,” he adds.

Bringing Results-oriented Approach

Eastvantage solutions are meant to generate outcomes. When prospective clients seek assistance with software development and customer support, for example, what they truly want is to introduce a new product that their customers will love. Eastvantage’s solutions include software development, technical support, business support, sales support, marketing support, customer support, and HR support. However, the inspirational results that the company’s solutions help to achieve include new product launches, excellent user evaluations, improved brand reputation, greater sales velocity, geographic expansion, and overall business growth.

The company’s comprehensive approach to governance is intended to ensure that the results are delivered. Eastvantage assigns a Business Partner (BP) to each client who is an industry specialist with years of relevant experience. The BP ensures operational excellence by drawing on their experience. In addition, Eastvantage holds frequent business evaluations with the customer, which are attended by its Operations Business Partner, Operations Head, and Account Director. The latter is a senior executive, either the CEO or the Managing Director, who serves as the primary point of contact between Eastvantage and the customer for higher-level communication, escalation, and strategic consultation.

Furthermore, in order to fully connect with its clients, it leverages the same technologies that they do, such as finance and accounting platforms, code editing, support ticketing, CRM, marketing, project management, and HR management software, among others. It also employs a proprietary secure platform for internal communication, timekeeping, and payroll management. This combination of in-house designed and developed tools has allowed teams to operate virtually throughout the pandemic and makes our operations more efficient regardless of where our team members are located.

“We keep our personnel informed about industry trends and innovations in a variety of ways. Our internal communication solutions enable managers and staff to easily communicate information, articles, and other resources on an ongoing basis. In addition, we devote time in our quarterly virtual town hall meetings to debating key trends, technology, and new ideas. Our organizational culture, in general, encourages connectivity, curiosity, self-discipline, and quality service. We honor people and teams who demonstrate our principles. Furthermore, as previously said, we reinforce these ideals by designing and managing all of our engagements around inspired results,” signifies Kamal.

In addition, Eastvantage encourages employees to make the workplace fun and to spend time together in EV eCafé, a virtual space where employees can interact and bond through games, polls, and celebrating holidays together.

Eastvantage is positioning itself to offer an even broader spectrum of clients with a wider range of solutions, particularly in the Managed Services space. The worldwide awards it has recently received, such as a Gold Stevie for growth in the International Business Awards 2022, as well as a Silver for customer-centricity and a Bronze for leadership in the Best in Biz Awards 2022, are testaments to the inspired results it helps its clients achieve. The improved corporate reputation is projected to result in a large increase in clientele from Europe and North America. Parallel to this, Eastvantage will further broaden its global operations through strategically located delivery centers. Plans are already underway to expand operations into Vietnam and North America.

“We are deeply grateful to our clients for trusting us to help them achieve their goals. Few things are more gratifying than contributing to a client’s success, and we look forward to many more years of helping clients reach their full potential,” concludes Kamal.

BIO: Kamal Asarpota has over 22+ years of global experience and a successful track record of delivering financial and business results with large, reputed multinational organizations in the ITES/BPM Industry. He has a deep understanding of various processes that go into organization building with respect to contact centers through his significant exposure in setting up, scaling up, and leading multiple verticals across different channels in India, China, Japan, and the Philippines.