Why IT Support is Indispensable

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Although the combination of machine efficiency and human creativity has led to innovations that have undoubtedly made our lives easier, rapid digitalization of manual processes has made many human jobs obsolete. The more advanced IT becomes, the less jobs there are for people. Yet, no matter how advanced technology systems get, these will still need IT professionals to manage and operate them.

While It is true that there is a lot of automation being integrated into providing IT support (managing IT concerns through a ticketing system, generating automated analytics and reports, monitoring cybersecurity events, etc.), management of an entire IT infrastructure is not something that can be automated. There will always be a need for human experts to maintain and implement upgrades to any IT system in place.

It is therefore wise to balance investment in technology and in people. Companies like Eastvantage, for instance, have been developing IT experts through intensive technical training simultaneous with technology investment. These initiatives go hand in hand in the pursuit of optimum capability and performance. As a result, IT support for internal and external clients is consistently seamless. IT support experts are, and will always be, vital in this digital world.

About the author:
James Lacsamana is the Head of IT of Eastvantage. James’ technology support expertise spans infrastructure management, helpdesk support, cybersecurity, procurement and management of IT assets, business continuity planning, budgeting, and overall IT governance. He is also responsible for establishing Eastvantage’s compliance with ISO 27001:2013 and PCI DSS and leads the implementation of Eastvantage’s information security as the InfoSec OIC. As a leader, James inspires operational excellence and is steadfast in the continuous development of his team and improvement of IT systems and processes.

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