The Top Recruiter Skills that Nobody Thinks About

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A good recruiter contributes highly to the success of a business. For one, securing the right hire – i.e., matching skill set and great culture fit – brings about employer and employee satisfaction resulting in improved productivity, and in the long run reduces attrition. All of this eventually translates to better financial gains for the company.

When recruiting, the brand needs to be “sold” to the prospective employee so that he/she will consider “buying in” or joining the company. Thus, the most successful recruiters possess the following characteristics and competencies of a great salesperson.

  1. Product/brand knowledge. In order to convince a candidate to join the company, a recruiter must be able to know by heart not only the job package but also the brand, the company culture, the core business of the company and the client, along with everything else relevant to the role and employment.
  2. Communication skills. The recruitment process involves dealing with different people, whether candidates or internal/external clients, and a recruiter must not only be comfortable and excel in putting into words information relevant to the requirements, but also know what, when, and how to communicate these.
  3. Listening skills. For a better appreciation of the requirements of both the candidate and the internal/external client, a recruiter should not only have the gift of gab but also be a good listener.
  4. Rapport-building skills. Recruitment, just like sales, is a personality and relationship business, and recruiters who establish good relationships with candidates and clients alike (usually by showing empathy and sincere interest in them) enjoy more success. This is because people tend to trust them more easily, and it is human nature to want to deal with people you like and trust.
  5. Information-gathering skills. A recruiter should be proactive and should initiate research to get to know candidates and clients better, and for prospecting purposes in order to build a good talent pool. Having the necessary information on hand facilitates the work and delivery of requirements.
  6. Closing skills. A good salesperson recognizes when a deal is exactly ripe for closing, and what to say precisely. A good recruiter should also be able to hone this skill in order to win the most suitable talent for the company.

The value of a company’s recruitment team cannot be undermined, and having recruiters with the ideal skill set, particularly with a flair for sales, is important to be on top of the competition for talent. It doesn’t really matter whether your recruitment is in-house or outsourced; the important thing is to ensure you leverage the value of the recruitment process to help grow your business through great recruiters.

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