The Importance of Speaking the Language of Finance and Accounting Core Values

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Different companies have different management styles and strategies but when it comes to finance and accounting, all must speak the same language – a language that translates the core values of “Professional Competence, Commitment to Profession, and Excellence and Integrity.” Finance and accounting play a crucial role in determining the financial health of an organization. Keeping accurate financial data and financial performance defines the economic landscape that helps management in decision-making. Thus, the three core values of finance and accounting should manifest in the performance of a finance and accounting team’s duties and thereby translate to unquestionable results.

  1. Professional competence breeds efficiency, accuracy, and accountability in carrying out finance and accounting duties and responsibilities. Having a professional and competent finance and accounting team also helps an organization keep abreast of and compliant with relevant local rules and regulations in their country of operations.
  2. Commitment to profession is an essential component for quality service. It is also the foundation of the desire to perform better in delivering and accomplishing the necessary support to stakeholders in order to achieve common goals.
  3. Excellence and integrity should be exercised and upheld in all areas of finance and accounting at all costs. Practicing precision, honesty, and fairness within industry standards will nurture confidence and trust in an organization and among stakeholders. When there is trust, there is continuous alignment of objectives and partners will be inspired to work together toward one end – operational excellence to attain success.

Choosing the right finance and accounting team adept in the language that translates the above core values can be a daunting exercise. But once you get such a team on board, then you can expect highly reliable support to help you in steering your business in the best direction. You may want to check out managed service providers that offer finance and accounting solutions as they should have such experts ready to provide your business support needs.

About the author:
Susan Calderon is the Billing and Collection Supervisor at Eastvantage. She has more than 15 years of solid experience in all functions of finance and accounting in the BPO, Shared Services, BFSI, and IT industries. Currently, Susan is also responsible for contract review, profitability reporting, and assistance with the preparation of other management reports aside from billing and collection at Eastvantage. She uses top accounting software such as Xero, MS Dynamics NAV, and Quickbooks in the performance of her duties.

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