Practical Reasons to Set-up your Business in BGC

When you’re planning to establish or expand your business in the Philippines, your next step would be to determine the right city to plant your roots. Even if you’re just aiming to outsource or even if you’re simply going to try co-sharing spaces, it’s important to remember that location can be one of your best strategies. If you want to be able to recruit and retain the best talent in your field, having “Bonifacio Global City” or BGC in your job description might do the trick.

Why BGC?
A simple Google search might tell you that BGC is a popular business district in the country. You might have second thoughts about it because it’s more pricey than other cities in the region. However, BGC still stands out from the rest because of these simple but practical reasons:

The cost is worth it
Last 2011, the World Bank ranked Taguig the 3rd city in the country in terms of Ease of Starting a Business, and 2nd in terms of Ease of Dealing with Construction Permits and 6th in terms of Ease of Registering a Property. It is no wonder that big companies like Coca-Cola, Hewlett-Packard, Sony, and Globe are all based in BGC.

As of 2017, the average property price per sqm was P117,439 for condominiums and P77,102 per sqm for townhouses. The median price for 2-bedroom condominiums is at P3,000,000. It is lower compared to Makati (the most popular CDB in the country), which has P134,725 per sqm and P132,164 per sqm respectively.

BGC might be the slightly cheaper option, but it is the better choice — especially when you get down to the following details…

The place is worth it
BGC is known for its new buildings, its eco-friendly environment, and its various options to fulfill one’s work-life balance needs for both employees and employers alike. It’s got a wide array of restaurants, plenty of residential options, gyms, malls, and museums. Its streets and buildings are peppered with art, too. BGC has a cornucopia of essentials for the perfect urban lifestyle where work and play meet in between. Should you decide to visit the Philippines, rest assured you’re going to enjoy your stay in BGC.

When you’re outsourcing to the Philippines, you’ll discover how candidates gravitate towards the opportunity of working in a place like BGC. Whether you’re here to work, visit, or even live — you’ll quickly find out why Bonifacio Global City is one of the reasons why it’s more fun in the Philippines.