Making Customer Happiness our Business

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At Eastvantage, we understand that excellent customer service is all about providing a most satisfactory experience akin to delighting our friends. Naturally, as we value our clients and their customers as friends, we always want to make them happy.

We believe that in this highly digital world, the warm smile and sincere welcome should come across in all channels – be it via chat, email, or voice. As our customer’s comfort is of prime importance to us, we designed our personalized service framework to cover from first contact to operations. An Account Executive sees to the smooth delivery until the onboarding, then a dedicated Operations Business Partner oversees the general health of the team and coordinates operational requirements, while an Account Director, either the CEO or our Managing Director, is available for higher level communication, escalations, and strategic consulting.

“We always put our customers first. We chose Eastvantage to differentiate ourselves from competitors and we could not have done it without the experience and dedication of the Eastvantage staff. They have always been professional, courteous, and efficient. We have had a great working relationship throughout the years,” attested the Customer Care Head of a leading global online hobby store.

Our commitment to making every customer feel like they have a caring friend ready and able to address their needs is the reason our customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores are always above set targets and the industry benchmarks. In 2021, our customer service team’s average CSAT score for one of our e-commerce clients was 96.5%, 1.5% higher than the target of 95%, and 2% higher than the industry high performer benchmark of 93%. Needless to say, swift response and resolution of course also highly influence customer satisfaction. Our median first response time (FRT) for a chat support client is at 21 minutes (4 minutes below the ceiling of 25 minutes), while the median time to close is at 20 minutes (way below the ceiling of 40 hours).

Our customer-friendly approach goes beyond achieving benchmarks, though. We take it a step further by endeavoring to share innovative ideas to our “friends” on strategic measures for business growth. The COO of an American software company acknowledged the helpfulness of our Head of Operations, saying, “Sipin has been awesome with sharing his knowledge and experience.”

But the best measure of a true “friend” is during hard times. We are proud to say that we have passed the test with flying colors and, in fact, increased the confidence of our clients in us during this Covid-19 economic climate.

“The fact that we were able to continue delivering… despite the impact of COVID is a testament to the commitment of Eastvantage to their customers,” commented the Business and Operations Manager of a major player in the Australian ICT market. “During these very difficult times Eastvantage has gone beyond normal contractual obligations to ensure we have continuity of operations; …for us as an IT Services company, this was a crucial element,” he added.

Perhaps, one of the things that have endeared us to our clients is our mindset that customer happiness is our business.


Eastvantage was awarded “Most Customer-Friendly Company of the Year” in the Best in Biz Awards 2022 for its customer-centric culture. The friendliness extends to our clients’ customers through our Customer Support solutions.