KPO vs BPO: What’s the Difference?

In the Philippines, you have to be living under a rock if you still don’t know what a BPO is. Business process outsourcing is a well-known industry in the country and is mostly synonymous with call centers. You can check job search engines and you’ll find it listed with countless of CSR offers from different companies. You can walk through a city district and get stopped by recruiters with flyers, asking you to join their company, enticing you with above-average starting offers. If you think that BPOs are the only sector that can provide these jobs for Filipinos, think again.

Recently, a new type of outsourcing sector has emerged in the country namely, the KPO or Knowledge Process Outsourcing industry.


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What is KPO all about?

BPO is all about data processing, basic data entry, support for mail and tech, and most operations on front/back office. On the other hand, KPO is intent on delivering a more specific set of expert services in fields such as legal, medical, flight, biotechnology, design, and many more. Hence, people hired in KPOs are skilled in specific fields, compared to the “jack of all trades” BPO employees. KPOs provide modified or customized business solutions that fit the client’s needs. It’s considered to be more exclusive compared to BPOs.

Which is better?

Technically, In terms of expertise, you can say that KPOs have the upper hand. Since KPO provide these specific services, hirees are mostly degree holders and have had definite experience in the field already. BPOs, on the other hand, despite being able to provide jobs for undergrads and high school graduates, do not necessarily provide the same level of skills. There is no better outsourcing service and depends entirely on your specification as to which sector you will choose to apply in. In terms of job retention, KPOs have more security in the sense that the hiring process is different. However, you won’t run out of opportunities in terms of the BPO industry.


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Job security with BPOs & KPOs

At the end of the day, BPOs and KPOs are both beneficial to the country. Engaging with these foreign investors for clients is significantly improving the economy; both are major contributors to the country’s gross domestic product. With support from both the government and private sectors, you can expect things to improve because of its abundant and skilled workforce.

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