Global Employment Outsourcing: Employer Functions in an International Level

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What is Global Employment Outsourcing

Global Employment Outsourcing is the outsourcing of the employer function on an international level. A Global Employment Organization, on the other hand, is an international employment company that acts as the provider of Global Employment Outsourcing services. Both terminologies are often referred to as GEOs.

Global Employer Organization Benefits

The services provided by GEOs can encompass different employment outsourcing options such as human resources, payroll processing, recruitment services, and employee on-boarding. This allows the client to outsource employer functions that are holistic, compliant, and in a sense, on a global scale.

Being experts in international employment solutions, the services that Global Employment Organizations provide go beyond the usual employment solutions. GEOs, in general, ensure that the clients are well taken care of when it comes to being compliant with regulations and laws for outsourcing local employees to global clients. This is especially true if the employees are being outsourced in a country where the client may not be registered, so understanding labor laws and tax implications in the country are essential, and setting up a new legal entity for the client is a key service that Global Employment Organizations provide.

Global PEO

Global Employment Outsourcing is very similar to other terminologies used in outsourcing employer functions. GEOs are considered as a more international or global type of Professional Employer Organizations, as PEOs can also be applied domestically. All GEOs involve PEOs, and therefore allows them to also act as Employer of Records for the client’s employees. Click on the following hyperlink to find out more about these employment outsourcing solutions.

Employment Services in an International Scale

The main difference between GEOs and other employment outsourcing functions is that GEOs allow clients to use these services on a global scale. Eastvantage provides employment solutions that allow for global mobility. These include arranging Visas and working on immigration compliance. Eastvantage also provides recruitment, HR, payroll processing, recruitment services, and onboarding options for its clients, giving them an international status for employing a workforce beyond their country to the Philippines. Reach out to Eastvantage today so we can help you with your outsourcing needs.