Fostering Creativity Through Equality the Eastvantage Way

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Ensuring an inclusive environment worldwide is a fundamental aspect of the Eastvantage philosophy that “equality fosters creativity.” The company is committed to providing equal opportunities to all individuals, and it achieves this goal through various initiatives:

  1. Fair Recruiting. Eastvantage offers open roles without biases based on gender, ethnicity, religion, age, or any other characteristics unrelated to skills and expertise. Hiring decisions are solely competency-based. Recruiters are trained to remove unconscious biases they may have.
  2. All-encompassing Learning & Development Program. Talents are developed based on business need, eliminating discrimination based on skill levels. Continuous learning and skills development are promoted through the EV Academy learning pathways as follows:
  • Leadership School – This offers sessions and courses to enhance leadership skills. The framework covers leading oneself, colleagues, team, and organization.
  • Business Process Expertise School – This program provides product and process training and improvement programs to meet client-specific support requirements. The objective is to properly equip team members to be able to provide service within or beyond customer expectations.
  • Personal Effectiveness School – This includes goal setting, time management, problem solving, and emotional intelligence sessions to help employees grow and achieve success.
  1. Region-specific and Global Engagement Activities. Eastvantage recognizes the importance to local and global observances and traditions. For instance, it acknowledges and celebrates cultural and religious events in India and the Philippines. The Eastvantage Happiness Team also facilitates fun activities during global observances like Pride Month and International Women’s Day.
  2. Equal Benefits. Eastvantage provides the same benefits to all employees. Additional benefits like leave allowance and healthcare plan are extended based on length of service, while rewards and recognition are based on merit.
  3. Promoting Equality in the Workplace. Enjoining employees to embrace diversity, inclusion, and equality is crucial for a company to succeed. At Eastvantage, a culture of acceptance of the value of each and everyone is cultivated through continuous communication. Activities to promote equality are also facilitated by its Happiness Team.

Eastvantage nurtures a globally inclusive community, boasting more than 65 employee networks across six delivery centers and three representative offices in Asia, Europe, and North America. This expansive network enables the company to embrace diverse perspectives and expertise, fostering a vibrant and inclusive environment that nurtures creativity and innovation. By leveraging a diverse workforce and a harmonious blend of talents, Eastvantage is uniquely positioned to assist its clients in achieving growth and success. In doing so, the company also experiences its own growth, forging a symbiotic relationship with its clients.

Eastvantage promotes diversity, inclusion, and equality, making for highly inspired teams who deliver inspired results through our flexible outsourcing solutions.