Ergonomics in a Work From Home Setup

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Working from home has become the new normal for many of us as we fight to contain the coronavirus pandemic, and it has made us quick to realize how our office workstations are really better designed for a comfortable and productive workspace.Here are some tips to keep your workspace at home set up as effective as the ones you’re used to.

Good Lighting

It’s important to protect our eyes while working, especially since we don’t immediately feel any damages that’s being done to it. Don’t create an atmosphere that is too bright, but avoid dim lighting as well so you won’t strain your eyes. Position your workplace where the lighting won’t cause glare.

Don’t set up your workstation directly under a bright light – it’s not good for the eyes. It will also likely raise the temperature while you’re working making it uncomfortable for you and bad for your computer hardware as well.

Desk Arrangement

You probably can’t recreate your office workstation but you can do your best to make it as comfortable as you need. Have your frequently used items within reach – your notes, pens, planners, phone, or headsets. Elevate your monitor at eye level or at a comfortable level if you’re using a laptop so you won’t strain your neck.

Chair and Posture

When you’re staying at the same position for long periods of time, feeling discomfort naturally happens. It’s easy to move around in the office with your swivel chair. Being in the comfort of your own home though, you can get much more creative in dealing with this.

Make use of pillows or put your feet up if you’re more comfortable that way. You can experiment as much as you want until you find a comfortable position. Ideally, find a position where you can work with your arms at a 90-degree angle, feet resting on the floor, a comfortable cushion while sitting, and have a nice lumbar (lower back) support.

Take a Break

Take time to stand up, stretch, and move around when you can. If you’re on a call on your phone, take this time to stand up and walk around. Make yourself another cup of coffee, refill your water bottle, take your bathroom breaks. It’s actually advisable to have a minute or two of stretch breaks as frequently as every half an hour.

Ergonomics is all about arranging your workplace for an efficient working environment. Just follow these simple tips to make your workplace at home an efficient and comfortable one – and get as creative as you want! With this kind of comfort and efficiency, you’ll bound to be more productive! You can also check out our article on tips to stay productive while working from home.

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