Effective Operations and Team Management in a Remote Setting

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Many different business sectors have shifted their setting from the usual on-site office locations to remote ones due to the government-sanctioned quarantines all over the globe this year. In the case of BPO companies in the Philippines, it is not uncommon to have up to  90% of the workforce working from home.

Effectively managing operations in a remote setting is essential to ensure the quality and productivity of the output expected from the business’s accounts. Adapting to this new normal is important to keep the operations running smoothly.

Key Points in Remote Management

Tools for the Job

Having the right tools is important in every job. Most of the remote workers will likely be working from home for the first time, where resources can be limited. The equipment provided is not only limited to the hardware and applications needed for a task, but also a secure connection and an open channel for technical support.


Being flexible in managing an operation is more important now that the playing field has somehow changed. Working from home is completely different from working at the office.

Focusing on the output may have just become the better management tactic in this situation, as focusing on the old work processes may not be the ideal in adjusting to this new work environment.

Regular Communications

This is essential in any business, and it is even more so today. Meetings are usually done online with platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet proven to be very effective for larger meetings. Of course, the courtesy of scheduling in a mutually convenient time to all the attendees is still important.

Having monthly company-wide assemblies is also a great way of keeping the community together. It provides a great opportunity to give updates to the associates to the plans and the steps the company is taking, and conduct surveys to get information and suggestions from the associates firsthand on how well the company is doing and on what areas it can improve on.

Having a business continuity plan ready will help a company adapt easier in this new normal. This has been especially true when Eastvantage shifted its workforce to a work from home setup in most of the accounts, and has been successful in managing operations and team performance. The remote setting and its proper management have become essential in keeping our associates safe while keeping the company 100% operational. For more of these insights, check out the Eastvantage blog.