Eastvantage’s EVOX Project Spearheads Innovation for Operational Efficiency

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Eastvantage’s integrated platform for remote team and employee management has been upgraded to a new level: with new upgraded features including a better Daily Time Record interface, My Team modules, and an overall faster loading time. For the team behind the EVOX (Eastvantage Operational Excellence) project, this is only the beginning of bringing their big plans to fruition.

The newly upgraded EVOX is Eastvantage’s cloud-based, home-grown system that is created to simplify the way the team operates by ensuring accurate timekeeping, facilitating payroll, acting as an internal communication channel, and providing workplace tools to our associates.

The EVOX team has made its goal to spearhead innovation to support clients and the operations teams in streamlining processes by developing innovative applications that cater to their needs. Providing operational efficiency with quality and client-centric applications like EVOX not only saves these teams money from buying third-party subscriptions, but can also generate income depending on how it is designed.