Eastvantage in Beast Mode

eastvantage assembly

The Eastvantage (EV) teams opened the Year of the Tiger roaring to soar during its first-quarter town hall meeting – the EV Assembly (EVA). Continuing in the same spirit during the second quarter, the teams are in beast mode in pursuit of the company’s goals for 2022.

True enough, the teams have been able to push hard. With the additional accounts onboarded in the last three months, the company has already reached 76% of the targeted accounts portfolio and 87.5% of the targeted headcount by year-end. Of course, the additional accounts warrant the beefing up of the support teams in order to service the growing requirements. Thus, during the EVA for the second quarter held on July 1, 2022, new operations support team members were welcomed together with the new clients.

Taking from the burning intensity of the tiger, EV is not one to miss out on opportunities. The company has been aggressively expanding not only locally, but also globally. Just a month after launching a second delivery site in the Philippines at the central business district of Ortigas Center, the company launched its India IT hub. EV also recently announced that it has started delivery operations from Bulgaria. Moreover, the company has engaged a New York-based consultant to help promote its IT Managed Services to the US market. “There are more exciting developments coming soon,” shared Kamal Asarpota, CEO for Eastvantage.

“Like the tiger, all of us need to be able to adapt and identify opportunities, then define the best processes to chase them,” said Kamal, addressing the EV team members during the recent EVA. “I am happy that we have reached the stage where our teams manage on their own. Try to learn as much as you can, and convert the obstacles you encounter into opportunities,” he advised.

EV management has been steadfast in its employee-centric culture. It believes that if the people grow in their respective capacities, then the company grows. Thus, it has been actively empowering and engaging employees. Like the previous EVA events, the recent assembly was used as a platform not only to update the team members of the company’s developments, but also to recognize top performers. The EVA is also a venue where camaraderie and fun is encouraged, notwithstanding the hybrid setup, and everyone is given the chance to win nice prizes for participating in online games.

With a 91% employee satisfaction rate of a team that’s highly engaged in beast mode, EV is on the right track. It is not only expected to meet its targets for the current year, but also its five-year targets at the current growth rate of 20%.