Eastvantage develops onboarding tool for new employees, making remote hiring more seamless

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Eastvantage NEO

Eastvantage’s New Employee Onboarding, also known as NEO, is the online HR onboarding app for new employees joining Eastvantage. NEO was developed as a means to have a seamless process in welcoming new hires remotely and is targeted to become Eastvantage’s cloud-based HRIS, or HR Information System. This web application that is developed internally facilitates all HR onboarding processes, making remote hiring seamless.

Accessible online via a secured link, the onboarding app gives ease of access for employees in different aspects.

Important contacts, dates & links

Welcoming new employees remotely has never been easier. The new employee will get an introductory email that contains HR personnel contact information, the new hire’s start date, and orientation date. It also has the orientation meeting link and the link to EVOX, Eastvantage’s integrated platform for working from home. And of course, it has the link to Eastvantage’s HRIS.

Securing information

The NEO Web Application is Eastvantage’s HRIS that is compliant with the Philippines’ Data Privacy Act (DPA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The web app gathers all employee information necessary for him or her to start employment. It includes personal information, contact details, payroll information, and other important details that are stored in a secure database of Eastvantage.

Pre-employment requirements

Traditional submission of requirements are now gone. Employees would just need to upload pre-employment requirements and they would be all set. This includes all necessary government documents, membership forms, valid IDs, and more.

They are given a certain period of time to complete the pre-employment requirements, and the NEO web application allows them to jump right back to where they left. There are also reminder notifications being sent to employees about the incomplete information.

Sample of Eastvantage's Employee Onboarding

Seamless Onboarding for Working from Home

NEO is Eastvantage’s response to working from home due to COVID-19. Employees started working from home in March of this year, and we had continuous hiring all throughout. Being 100% operational in the midst of the pandemic, the online HRIS will be a seamless onboarding process for the new hires.

Eastvantage continues to evolve in providing comprehensive HR and administrative solutions to its employees, even in changing times. This is just one of the ways how Eastvantage continues to achieve and exceed the goal of providing optimum service and maintain high operational excellence.