Discovering Greatness: Online Eastvantage Assembly

Globally Connected

Continuing the theme of good to great from the last town hall, Conquer 2021, Eastvantage held its quarterly town hall meeting with the theme of Discovering Greatness. Given that the presenters for this assembly are geographically dispersed, with presenters from India and Belgium, the best approach was to have it fully online. The assembly also saw the highest turnout of associates attending this year, more than 130, with many new faces joining the company over the past few months.

Discovering Greatness

Fred, our Chief Inspiration Officer, discussed disciplines and principles to help drive the associates and their projects to greater heights. The Chief Amazement Officer, Kamal, presented the numbers that the company has achieved in terms of headcount, SLA’s, employee satisfaction, clients, attendance, and open positions – all highlighted in green from a very successful Q1 for the company. Also presented are the company’s projects to greatness, highlighting the latest updates to the ever-improving operations tools and processes.

Experts across the board

Along with the usual updates from each department in the operations team, the EVA also introduced the new finance, sales, compliance, and HR experts that have joined the growing operations team to support the Eastvantage community. The 2021 Q1 top performers for each project were also recognised and were sent grab vouchers that they can use in the current remote working setup. Once again, the EVA has proven to be the best channel, whether hybrid or fully online, to roll out updates to every associate and to recognise the top-performing associates.