Decathlon Philippines: from France to Southeast Asia

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One of the world’s largest sporting goods retailers is opening in the Philippines end of June 2017.

A Brief History

Founded in 1976, France, by Michel Leclercq, the Decathlon brand has since been known to be one of the largest sporting goods retailers in the world. They’re not your common sports retailers; their main mission is to make sports available to everyone. This means they’ve manufactured their own, in-house “passion brand products” — from badminton rackets to advanced scuba diving equipment. Independent retailers in France and other manufacturers have gone through many difficulties ever since Decathlon took off. In fact, last 2008, it has topped all of its competitors.

Now, it has established more than 1,120 stores all over the world and employs over 70,000 people. Have also started penetrating the Southeast Asia market since 2012. And by the end of June, it will be opening its doors for the first time in the Philippines

From a business perspective

This new store is going to provide a lot of career opportunities for people. They take pride in their quote, “A balance of work, fun, and a huge smile to top it off!” rings true with their Facebook page, as potential customers are treated to pictures not only of the products for sale but of the cheerful “sports leaders”, posing with their corresponding line of expertise. Popular sports stores in the country would be up for competition as Decathlon Philippines provides a huge selection for Filipinos, but they are going to offer these goods for a reasonable price. That’s “unbeatable value surrounding 70 sports”.

It’s a great move for the sports brand to open shop in the country; not only are people into fitness trends, but household spending has contributed to economic growth last year.


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Take it from Decathlon

Do you want to up the ante of your brand and push it to a global scale? Are you thinking about branching out to Asia and exploring more opportunities? The Philippines is a great place to start, because not only does it have the people to man your operations for outsourcing concerns, but it’s a pretty great market too. With a whopping 100M population and a growing workforce with strong buying power — this just may be your next big move.

Decathlon Philippines

The brand will be accessible to Filipinos, running with a Pinoy tagline of “Sports for Every Juan”. Like its predecessors, all would be available for Filipinos of all ages, opening a bigger door for sports for people in the country. The online shop and retail store would be open to the Filipino public by June 30, 2017. The store would be located at the Festival Mall Alabang.

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Photo courtesy of Decathlon Philippines